BR7000 Balers



Impressive bale appearance

The new windguard designs for the BR7060 and BR7070, including the Flow Sustaining Flexible Windguard, contribute towards producing the perfect bale, by ensuring an even well-controlled crop layer. The feeding and bale rolling system of the New Holland Roll-Belt™ baler offers perfect bales of the right density and size, together with an excellent appearance. The bales can be handled and stored with full confidence.

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The density you like

A bale-forming cavity, with spring controlled belt tension, produces a bale core that is less liable to moulding. As the bale grows, a unique hydraulic pressure system provides the belt tension. It is easy to adjust and gives the right density for perfect storage and long conservation. Even when rolling large diameter bales or when making high-density bales,the self-contained hydraulics provide consistent density right up to the outer layers.

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Rollers provide a smooth start

Three formation rollers, two mounted on a pivoting sledge and one fixed, form a cavity that is ideal for initial bale formation. These rollers are driven to ensure an immediate start. Also the floor roller, which carries a major portion of the weight of the growing bale, is driven, contributing significantly to longer belt life.

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