At a glance baler management

The Roll-Belt baler can be specified with a choice of monitors to suit your individual needs, from the entry level Bale Command™ Plus II monitor, or the range topping IntelliView™ III colour touchscreen monitor. You will be able to manage all key baling parameters from the comfort of the cab. The Roll-Belt range features automatic wrapping technology, so when your bale has reached the pre-set size, wrapping automatically begins. If you’ve already got a monitor you like, then the optional ISOBUS compatibility has been designed for you.

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Bale Command™ Plus II monitor: simple baler control

  • The advanced Bale Command™ Plus II monitor is available as standard
  • Select from four wrap patterns and one custom wrapping option
  • The 10 cm backlit screen is 10% larger than the previous version
  • Memorise up to 20 individual bale count records for accurate record keeping

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IntelliView™ III monitor; touchscreen baler control

  • Optional intuitive, colour touchscreen IntelliView™ III monitor is ideal for professional baling operations
  • Touchscreen facilitates instantaneous adjustment of key parameters in response to changing conditions
  • Large screen size enables at a glance monitoring of all key parameters

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IntelliBale™ technology

IntelliBale™ technology means that the Roll-Belt baler can communicate with your tractor. It will bring the tractor to a halt as soon the pre-set bale diameter has been reached, net wrap application begins automatically and then the tailgate is raised. A sensor on the bale ramp tracks the complete process and closes the tailgate as soon as the bale has been ejected. A signal is then given to the operator to move forward.

    The benefits of the system are:
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Uniform bale size
  • Reduce fuel consumption

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Bale fill sensors

  • Two fill sensors, located on either side of the bale chamber continually monitor the fill profile
  • The in-cab display relates this information to the operator, who can adapt his driving pattern accordingly
  • Consistent, uniform bales are the end result, always

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Absolute baling safety

  • To enhance safety, New Holland has positioned an electrical cut off switch on the drawbar
  • This cuts drive to the baler to ensure that it is fully deactivated when changing net or unblocking the baler

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