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The pick-up is perhaps one of the most important parts of your Roll-Belt baler. New Holland has completely redesigned the pick-up to boost capacity by up to 20%. Available in two widths, 2m and the ultra-wide 2.3 metre version, you can also select between two tine bar configurations. If that wasn’t enough, state-of-the-art baling technology ensures uniform flow for nonstop, high capacity baling.

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Uniform crop flow

  • Choose between the standard plate wind guard and the fully adjustable, optional roller wind guard
  • The latter continually rotates to guarantee a smooth, even flow of crop into the baler to increase crop processing efficiency
  • Operators can regulate the height of the roller wind guard to guarantee optimal flow into the baler

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Ultimate feeding performance

  • Brand new feeding logic has been developed which is set to significantly improve baler efficiency
  • The system uses two contra rotating overshot and undershot augers to direct and merge the crop flow into the rotor
  • New Addition: Feed assist roller positively directs the crop into the rotor to maintain a constant crop flow at all times

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Customisable floatation performance

  • Pick-up floatation can be regulated using two easy to adjust springs, at either side of the pickup
  • Select rigid setting for flat fields when baling uniform straw swaths
  • Select flexible setting when working in undulating terrain or in uneven silage swaths for fast reactivity

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Select the tine bar to suit your needs

  • The standard four tine bar pick-up is perfect for light hay and straw-focused operations
  • The heavy duty five bar solid tine pick-up has been designed for silage operations or those which work in stony or uneven ground
  • The solid rubber tines are 10% stiffer than conventional tines and can last up to five times longer for sustained baling performance

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From road to field in the blink of an eye

  • The all-new castoring gauge wheels quickly transform the Roll-Belt baler from transport to field mode by simply swivelling the gauge wheels into position
  • No tools, no need to remove, no hassle

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