Pick-uP success

New Holland offers a wide range of pick-up headers which guarantee smooth and speedy collection of crops which have been rowed by a New Holland Speedrower. No matter what the crop, whether grass seed, rapeseed or beans, to name but a few, your New Holland header will gather wider windrows and save more valuable grains. Available in 3.65 metre grass seed and 4.57 metre grain configurations, they are fully compatible with CR and CX models. No matter the size or gradient of your field, these advanced pick-up headers will clear them even faster.

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uNiform feediNg

The 660mm diameter auger uses 12.7cm flights which means that even the heaviest windrows are efficiently transferred into the combine. What’s more, you can precisely adjust the auger both up and down to ensure that you have the perfect setting for the density of your windrows. This means that you can set a pre-determined level of auger float, from 1.6-3.2cm, to better deal with wedges of crop in uneven windrows. You can also control the speed of the auger to match your individual needs.

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tHe 1-2-3-4 to makiNg every graiN couNt

One: New Holland uses fewer belts than competitor models to reduce the risk of seed falling through the belts.
Two: Taller, squarer cleats ‘paddle’ the seed to the auger. Want more? Well the 3.65 metre variant uses extra picking fingers to collect more seeds and features a slower auger for gentler handling.
Three: A centre supported picking belt eliminates slipping and vulcanised drive rollers increase traction to reduce belt slippage during picking.
Four: The header floor features an integrated seed dam to further prevent seed or grain losses.

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efficieNt auger PerformaNce

Auger speed has been increased to an impressive 212rpm on 4.57 metre headers which, in some conditions, will enable a higher forward speed to enhance overall machine capacity. The auger features double ‘V’ pattern twines which ensure the crop is cleanly fed into the feeder, which together with the reduced clearance of the auger fingers, auger flight floor and auger clearance, will prevent wrapping, which means your in-field productivity will significantly improve as well as preventing potential damage whilst improving grain quality.

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