The cleanest grain sample

Best-in-class grain quality. The Industry’s cleanest grain sample. It must be the CR Revelation. In comparative tests carried out to evaluate the grain sample of different harvesting concepts, Twin Rotor™ technology beat the competition hands down. The result: a minuscule 0.2% broken grain, thanks to the unique Twin Rotor™ concept which ensures in-line crop flow for the gentlest grain handling. Grain quality is further enhanced by award winning features including the Opti-Clean™ and Opti-Fan™ systems.

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The cleanest grain for the highest rewards

• With a total area under wind-control of 6.54m2 on the CR8.90, CR9.80, CR9.90 and CR10.90 models, and of 5.40m2 on the CR7.80, CR7.90 and CR8.80 models, the cleaning shoe efficiently handles the largest grain volumes
• Opti-Clean™ system optimises the stroke and throwing angles in the cleaning system
• The grain pan, pre and top sieves operate independently to optimise the cascade for greater capacity, and the longer sieve stroke and steep throwing angle keep more material airborne, for higher cleaning efficiency
• The opposing motion of the grain pan and bottom sieve to the pre-sieve and the top sieve reduces overall machine vibrations and increases operator comfort

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Gravity defying Opti-Fan™ technology

• Opti-Fan™ system compensates for the gravitational effects on crop material
• Select the desired fan speed on flat ground and the system automatically adjusts it when going up or downhill to maintain cleaning performance
• When travelling on upward slopes the fan slows down to prevent sieve losses and excessive tailings
• When tackling downhill gradients fan speed increases to prevent thick material build ups on the sieves

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Precision airflow

• The CR Revelation range’s unique paddle fan design generates the largest volume of air at a constant pressure, which is far superior to competitor alternatives
• The fan has two dedicated openings to direct a powerful stream of air to both the pre and top sieves for guaranteed cleaning performance

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Neutralise side slopes of up to 17%

• The self-levelling cleaning shoe automatically optimises the angle by up to 17% to neutralise the effects of side slopes, and also prevents grain banking during headland turns, to assist in uniform crop distribution and unsurpassed cleaning performance

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Adjust your sieves from your seat

• In changing crop conditions you can remotely adjust both the main sieves, and now the pre-sieves, from the cab
• Simply open the sieve in heavier crops to allow greater wind flow or reduce the sieve opening in lighter crops, to prevent losses and improve harvesting efficiency

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The CR Revelation remembers your crops

• To reduce set-up time when switching between crops or when working in varying crop conditions, the CR Revelation features Automatic Crop Setting (ACS), with fifty crop-specific settings
• The operator either selects from pre-installed settings, or simply programmes two harvest parameters for each crop, including rotor speed and concave setting, sieve opening and cleaning fan speed, and recalls these on the IntelliView™ IV monitor when required

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