The next level in header productivity

Welcome to the world of the most productive draper headers. These headers are perfectly at home harvesting on the vast prairies of North America, Australia, Brazil and South Africa and deliver equally impressive performance in Europe’s fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. These giants of the header world guarantee the highest throughput, right across the entire length of the cutterbar, slicing through all crops, including those which have been wide sown, such as soya beans. They are the ideal match for the CR Revelation flagship combine range.

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Even feeding across the entire header

• The six bar New Holland-designed cam reel smoothly feeds the crop to the cutterbar and draper belts
• A single belt is used on all header widths to improve crop traction and feeding efficiency
• An optional large diameter compression auger runs the entire length of the header positively forcing crop down for even feeding
• Especially helpful in high volume direct cut crops, this system features two augers which are positioned parallel to the header frame
• For customers who operate extensively in rice fields, 9.15 and 10.67 metre variants are available

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Rigid draper headers

• Rigid draper headers are the ideal choice when working on large broad acre farms
• The standard header height control system features four sensors mounted underneath the header table
• The system works in tandem with standard gauge wheels on all models except the 9.15 metre variant to maintain a uniform cutting height
• The headers can be tilted four degrees forward and three degrees rearward from the cab to manage gentle inclines or laid crops

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Superflex draper headers

• If you want to maintain uniform cutting performance when working across the widest cutting widths in uneven terrain, then the Superflex draper is for you
• The exclusive and patented rubber spring flotation system can be quickly and simply manually adjusted to ensure it always follows the ground contours
• The torsion of each spring on the floor supports can be individually modified to adjust the flotation or to compensate for any unevenness in the cutterbar
• For the most demanding operations there is the optional hydraulic flotation system. This enables operators to make on-the-go adjustments from the cab

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SynchroKnife™ technology: uniform, comfortable harvesting

• Designed with draper headers in mind, award-winning SynchroKnife™ technology features a single, centrally mounted gearbox with double knife drive
• This ensures perfect lateral weight distribution for more uniform stubble height, as well as significantly reducing knife stress and vibration for increased reliability and reduced down-time
• Located under the header floor, the edge of the uncut crop is now fully protected from potential snagging caused by bulky side-mounted knife drive gearboxes

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Efficient reverser

• The efficient reverser is particularly useful when working in matted or uneven crop, where large wedges can block the feeder
• To maintain productivity, the cutterbar and centre drapers have been designed for compatibility with a reverser function to assist blockage removal
• After the reversing process, the side draper engagement is delayed for a period of time to allow the centre deck to clean itself

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