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New Holland knows that the harvesting process starts with the crop. How it enters the machine will determine the quality of the harvest, therefore, a vast range of grain headers to suit every type of crop and farm have been developed and built in-house to suit your needs. Headers are available in widths ranging from 4.88 - 12.5 metres and in a wide range of configurations that can be tailored to match your requirements. The optional new front face adjust technology enables you to remotely set the position of the front face plate to ensure the header operates at the perfect angle and helps operators harvest laid crops.

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Varifeed™ grain headers: adapt to all types of crop

• Varifeed™ header guarantees optimum harvesting quality and a uniform cut in fields of different crop heights
• Knives can be adjusted by a full 575mm in their fore-aft position
• 660 mm diameter auger with deep flights provides fast, smooth feeding
• Full-width retracting fingers between each auger flight move crop down and under the auger

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Flexibility for guaranteed harvesting efficiency

• The Superflex header is the default choice for undulating terrain
• The knife bed can flex a full 110mm in uneven fields to ensure a close cut and uniform stubble height
• The full-floating auger with deep flights provides fast, smooth feeding in the heaviest crops
• Precise feeding and processing are a given with 1150 cuts per minute and in-cab hydraulic fore and aft reel adjustment
• A pre-set ratio can be maintained between reel speed and ground speed, so that when ground speed changes consistent feeding is guaranteed

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Automatic Header Height Control

The advanced Automatic Header Height Control system is available in three operational modes:
• Compensation Mode uses a pre-established ground contact pressure that is hydraulically maintained to ensure efficient harvesting of laying or low growing crops such as peas and beans
• Automatic Stubble Height Control maintains a pre-set stubble height by using sensors located on the elevator together with the hydraulic header control cylinders
• The updated Autofloat™ system uses a combination of new hydraulic valves and software algorithms to achieve the best possible terrain contouring. This system automatically adjusts the header’s position hydraulically to maintain uniform stubble height and to prevent the header digging into the ground

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Fully integrated rapeseed knives

• Optional 18 teeth rape knives can be quickly fitted to the Varifeed™ header
• Controlled through the IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor, they guarantee more efficient rape harvesting
• When not required, they can be stored in the dedicated bracket on board the header

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