Harvesting automation

Automation has a growing role to play in productive modern harvesting. New Holland’s IntelliSense™ system equips the CR Revelation range of combines with an industry-leading proactive system that enables the combine to react every 20 seconds selecting the best action out of 280 million possibilities. In order to achieve this, ground-breaking technology has been employed: a first ever cleaning shoe load sensor has been developed, and when coupled with the next generation Grain Cam™ and electrically adjustable rotor vanes, the system can make adjustments the instant they are required.

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Four combining modes

Operators can select four driving strategies from the intuitive interface to meet their specific requirements.
• Limited loss, making every grain count
• Best grain quality, when only the best will do
• Maximum capacity, when you need to get the job done fast
• Fixed throughput, when uniformity is the name of the game These operating modes can be further refined to meet specific harvesting conditions. Furthermore, once the system has been activated it will remain on and continue to learn throughout the season.

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Day-long outstanding performance

Testing has shown that throughout the course of a long harvesting day, IntelliSense™ technology delivers superior performance, even when compared to the most experienced harvesting operators. The system checks every 20 seconds and will select the best course of action out of 280 million possibilities. Sit back, relax, and let the new CR with IntelliSense™ technology maximize your harvest.

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Flexibility across different crops

From small grains to maize and pulses, IntelliSense works with a variety of crops to take harvest performance to the next level.

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Industry-leading technologies

The IntelliSense™ system makes use of a range of patented New Holland technologies as well as existing features to deliver harvesting productivity. These include the award winning Grain Cam™ system, which takes real time images of the crop and analyses this to produce a reading detailing grain quality, including the percentage of cracked grain and material-otherthan- grain (MOG). The new cleaning shoe load sensors which can accurately report the volume of material on the sieves. Finally, the system automatically adjust the rotor vanes on 22” models for enhanced separation.

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