Outstanding spreading.

The CR Revelation features a completely redesigned residue management system. In order to ensure uniform spreading of residue across the entire working width the Opti-Spread™ Plus system has been completely reconceived and upgraded, with spreading across a width of up to 13.7 metres. The heavy duty chaff spreading system has been further enhanced to ensure that chaff is evenly distributed for agronomic excellence.

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Opti-Spread™ system: spreading wide. Always

• No matter which header you fit, residue will be uniformly spread across the entire working width.
• The optional Opti-Spread™ Plus straw spreader mounted behind the straw chopper easily meets any spreading width requirement
• This system has been further enhanced with the addition of Dual-Chop™ technology
• All residue passes through a rake to ensure a superfine chop of all material
• This is perfect for minimum or no tillage operations that employ shallow cultivation techniques
• The Opti-Spread™ Plus system is controlled from the cab, and the two powerful discs can be adjusted to counteract any wind or side-slope impact

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Perfect bales

• Twin Rotor™ technology offers perfect in-line crop flow, and eliminates the need for aggressive changes in speed and direction
• The straw structure is maintained and breakages are minimal, perfect for baling
• Straw flow is maintained as the straw flow beater moves the straw onto the positive straw discharge belt
• The new patented twin-disc chaff spreader can spread the chaff across the entire width of the header on 22” models. The speed of the chaff spreader can be controlled from the cab in response to crop or weather conditions

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Chopping fine, spreading wide. New Holland straw choppers.

• The New Holland in-house range of straw choppers have been developed to perfectly match the CR Revelation’s performance
• Choose between four and six chopper configurations with wind blades installed at the outer edges of the rotors for high spreading capacity
• The high speed chopper, 3500rpm on CR7.80 to CR8.80 models and 4000rpm on CR8.90 models and above, ensures fine chopping and wide spreading

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