Telematics: manage your machine from the comfort of your office

MyPLM®Connect enables you to connect to your CR from the comfort of your office through the utilization of the mobile network. You can stay in touch with your machines at all times, and you can even send and receive real-time information that saves time and enhances productivity. The entry-level MyPLM®Connect Essential package offers the most frequently used features or upgrade to the MyPLM®Connect Professional package for full machine monitoring and control. In short, MyPLM®Connect will help you to reduce your fuel bills and improve fleet management and security in one simple package.

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Manage your PLM applications and your entire farm operation, equipment and support through one centralized location. provides the infrastructure to connect your farming operation and share information, while using MyPLM®Connect Telematics to manage your fleet logistics, utilization and productivity. Key MyNew Holland™ features include:
• MyPLM®Connect
• MyPLM® Customer Support
• Product guides and manuals
• Warranty documents
• MyPLM® training materials
• Frequently Asked Questions

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Real time data recording

New Holland offers a variety of precision farming packages which will enable you to tailor your inputs to reduce your costs and increase your yields. This information is recorded in real time by your machine during working, and it is simply and efficiently transferred for analysis by the computer package from the IntelliView™ IV monitor via the complementary 4GB USB stick, which is large enough to record data from over 600 - 700 harvesting hectares.

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