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New Holland invented the Twin Rotor™ concept over 45 years ago, and has been refining and evolving this technology for four decades to offer farmers ever increasing capacity and improved grain and straw quality. New Holland also knows that no two farms are alike, so two different types and sizes of rotor have been developed to suit farmers’ individual needs. The 17” standard rotors now feature 20mm higher crop covers for improved threshing efficiency, and are fitted to the CR7.80 - CR8.80 models, and the heavy duty, high capacity 22” design are fitted to the CR8.90, CR9.80, CR9.90 and CR10.90 models. A bespoke machine for top drawer quality and performance.

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Twin Pitch rotors

• Standard Twin Pitch rotors feature 44 elements and deliver a performance increase in many cropping conditions
• They can offer up to a 10% increase in capacity in damp conditions
• You can also manually adjust the rotor vanes to ensure pitch perfect performance
• Twin Pitch Plus rotors are standard on all machines equipped with 22” rotors. They feature 75mm rasp bars for enhanced threshing performance
• Two different kits are available which enable operators to select, or even convert between, rice and small grain configurations

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Productivity enhancing Deep Cut Dynamic Feed Roll™

The addition of the standard Deep Cut Dynamic Feed Roll™, which is located in front of the rotors, simultaneously speeds up the crop, for smoother, streamlined feeding, and automatically directs stones into a dedicated trap. The additional serrated roll, available on all models, improves feeder performance by up to 10% on 22” rotor machines and by up to 15% on 17” rotor variants.

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Dynamic Flow Control™ rotor vanes

The rotor vanes can be remotely adjusted so that optimal crop threshing efficiency is maintained, even when crop conditions change. This enables overall capacity increases of up to 20%*.

* 22” rotors only

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Concave reset

In the event of concave overload, the concave reset function can be remotely activated from the comfort of the cab. Meaning one person can do the job, on their own in a matter of minutes. Saving valuable harvesting time.

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Pitch perfect performance

The Twin Pitch Plus rotors, standard on all models equipped with the 22” rotors, feature larger and taller rasp bars to significantly increase the threshing area.

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Straw Processing

Once the straw has reached the end of the rotors, the 400mm diameter straw flow beater moves straw onto the Positive Straw Discharge belt. This belt directs the straw rearwards, for efficient flow through to the rear of the combine.

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