CR REVELATION Combine Harvesters



Intelligent Operation

Productive harvesting is a skilled activity which can take many seasons to learn. New Holland has developed technologies which assist operators in assuring efficient and productive harvesting when working in fields with variable yields. IntelliCruise™ II technology uses a range of sensors to automatically optimise the CR Revelation’s performance.

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Tailored cruising modes

Operators can select from three different driving strategies for the new IntelliCruise II feature:

Maximum Capacity. When working against tight weather windows, or when optimising contracting performance, the maximum capacity setting can be selected. This ensures that the combine’s ground speed is set to make full use of the engine potential, causing it to run at maximum load.

Fixed throughput. To maintain uniform combine performance, the fixed throughput setting has been developed. This mode varies the groundspeed to maintain a set flow rate.

Limited loss. Every grain counts. For operations which prize minimal losses, a specific setting has been engineered, so as to control groundspeed to ensure losses do not exceed a pre-determined limit.

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