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New Holland guidance systems to match your needs

A full range of guidance solutions are available from New Holland and include manual and assisted guidance. You can even specify your CR Revelation with fully integrated IntelliSteer® auto guidance direct from the factory to start saving money from your first run. Fully compatible with the most accurate RTK correction signals, IntelliSteer can guarantee pass-to-pass and year-to-year accuracy as low as 1 - 2cm. SmartSteer™ crop edge guidance and automatic row guidance for maize headers are just some of the numerous options which are designed to increase your harvesting efficiency and productivity.

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Levels of accuracy and repeatability

New Holland offer multiple levels of accuracy. This enables you to select the right IntelliSteer® system to match your needs and budget. When using RTK correction with IntelliSteer you can enjoy guaranteed year on year repeatability.

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IntelliView™ - visible intelligence

• The ultra-widescreen 26.4cm IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor can be used to manage the optional IntelliSteer® autoguidance system
• The IntelliView™ monitors enable fingertip programming of a variety of guidance paths, from straight A-B runs to the most complex adaptive curves
• Settings can be personalised easily and also transfer data using My PLM® Connect File Transfer and PLM desktop software packages

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NH 372 receivers

• New Holland 372 antenna receives both DGPS and GLONASS signals and is fully compliant with EGNOS, OmniSTAR, RTX, or RTK correction
• For RTK applications, a slim profile radio is mounted underneath the receiver. The antenna is positioned on the top of the grain tank to improve signal reception and enhance operation

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SmartSteer™ system

• By scanning the edge between the cut and uncut crop with a laser eye, the SmartSteer™ auto guidance system automatically guarantees the header is always full, and allows the operator to concentrate on other combine functions

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Maize guidance

• Maize headers can be specified with automatic row guidance to keep the combine perfectly on course
• Two sensors monitor the position of the crop entering the header, and automatically guide the combine to ensure true perpendicular entry even in poor visibility or at high speeds
• The system can be linked to a GPS positioning system, which can distinguish between cut and uncut rows, to facilitate night-time harvesting and advanced harvesting activities such as skip row functionality

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