CX5 & CX6 - TIER 4B


Versatility comes as standard

New Holland CX5 and CX6 match stylish looks with practical features to ease maintenance, enhance visibility and make cleaning and storage easier. Now fitted with a Harvest Suite™ Deluxe cab, the CX5 and CX6 models provide even greater levels of operator comfort too. Less visible are the detail changes to reduce downtime. There are now fewer grease points and the Auto-clean out function speeds swapping between different crops in the field, further enhancing the crop to crop flexibility. With New Holland, beauty is more than skin deep.

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Excellent capacity

New CX5 & CX6 combines deliver outstanding field performance. The advanced threshing design and cleaning mechanism provides superior throughput allowing impressive forward speeds and daily output. Overall cleaning capacity has been greatly enhanced thanks to the innovative Triple- Clean™ cascaded system, which can provide a 15% increase in performance across the cleaning shoe.

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Best-in-class versatility

Crop-to-crop flexibility has never been better thanks to easily replaceable concave sections. Furthermore, an easy to use choice of crop-specific settings fine tune your CX combine for optimum performance in any crop or crop condition. A wide choice of grain and corn headers ensure maximum combine versatility.

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Great harvest quality

A clean sample of un-damaged grain kernels and straw quality in line with customer requirements are guaranteed by effortlessly fine tuning the combine’s many settings. With Opti-Speed™ strawwalker speed control, performance over undulating terrain is now even better.

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Ease of operation

Practical automation of all basic combine functions adds to the operators peace of mind. The overall comfort of the Harvest Suite™ Deluxe cab enhances operator alertness while reducing the need for excessive concentration during the longest working days.

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