Effortlessly maximising performance

Automation saves time and boosts harvester performance. The multi-function lever on the CX5 & CX6 combine models is the proven CommandGrip™ handle. It is built into the console on the operator’s right hand side. The position of this console is adjustable to suit the operator’s preference and the CommandGrip™ is a forcebased propulsion handle that always comes back to its most ergonomic position irrespective of forward speed. It provides access to all major controls.

Cruise control and much more
One of the automatic functions that helps maintain high daily workrates is the Cruise Control: with a simple tap on one of the buttons on the CommandGrip™ handle, the combine resumes a set field speed.

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Just touch the screen

Providing information on performance data, operational statistics and service data, the IntelliView™ IV monitor adds to optimising the combine’s performance. The wide touchscreen is easy to use. One of the many time saving features available is the automatic crop setting function, whereby a specific combine setting can be stored for repetition when the same field situation pops up again.

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Automatic functions save time

• Variator lubrication : activated via the IntelliView™ IV monitor when the threshing is engaged, the threshing drum variator is automatically opened and closed to distribute grease after daily greasing
• Automatic clean out: activated via the IntelliView™ IV screen when the threshing is engaged, all sieves are opened and the fan run at maximum rpm to clear out all chaff

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