CX7 & CX8 - TIER 4B Combine Harvesters



High volume grain management

The 12,500 litre grain tank on the CX8.90 can hold 9% more grain than the previous model. Electronically folding grain tank covers come as standard and are activated from the comfort of the cab. Further benefits include reduced grain losses when working on steep inclines and grain is also protected during overnight storage. The bubbleup auger evenly distributes grain in the tank and renders air pockets and grain banks a thing of the past.

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Longer, stronger and precise

• The unloading spout has been completely redesigned, and directs the crop in a forward and outward direction for better distribution and a longer unloading distance, which means taller, higher capacity trailers can be used
• All CX7 and CX8 models feature an optional unloading auger extension to further increase unloading flexibility
• Unloading speed has increased by 14% which means the largest 12500 litre grain tank can be emptied in under 2 minutes thanks to a 125 litre/second unloading speed

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Robust option for abrasive crops

• For prolonged operation in abrasive crops such as rice, the CX7 and CX8 can be specified with the ‘abrasive option’
• The grain elevator, bubble-up auger and unloading auger are manufactured using heavy-duty materials to withstand prolonged operation

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Keep an eye on your grain

• New Holland has designed a 910 x 550mm viewing window in the cab
• You can also keep an eye on the grain tank fill level, which is displayed on the IntelliView™ IV monitor
• A grain flap, accessible from the operator’s platform, allows manual sampling

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