CX7 & CX8 - TIER 4B Combine Harvesters



Integrated yield and moisture sensing

The CX7 and CX8 range of combines have been engineered by design with precision farming features right at its very heart. Yield information is continually updated and displayed on the IntelliView™ IV monitor. This data can be stored, downloaded and analysed with My PLM® Connect telematics precision farming software to establish accurate yields maps. These can be used to fine tune inputs to maximise yields and minimise input costs.

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Real time moisture sensing

• New Holland’s moisture sensor measures grain moisture in real time
• Samples are taken every 30 seconds and the data is sent to the IntelliView™ IV monitor
• The operator is kept continually informed and can adapt machine parameters accordingly

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Yield mapping

• The exclusive patented, high accuracy yield sensor developed by New Holland neutralises the rubbing effect of grain, and is generally recognised as the best in class
• The sensor generates an extremely accurate yield measurements regardless of the variety or the moisture content of the kernel
• Furthermore, calibration is performed just once a season

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