CX7 & CX8 - TIER 4B Combine Harvesters



Industry leading threshing

Threshing is key when it comes to making every grain count. Thanks to the four drum technology gentle, yet efficient threshing is guaranteed. The largest threshing drum on the market with a diameter of 750mm threshes even the toughest ears at an unbeatable rate. The 111° wrap angle enhances separation and also delivers acres of concave space: 1.18m² on six strawwalker models and 0.98m² on five strawwalker variants. Tough on threshing. Gentle on the crop. Your passport to unsurpassed productivity, grain quality and straw quality!

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The largest threshing drum on the market

The 750mm main drum can maintain optimal threshing action at low speed to reduce vibrations and to protect the drive line. The high inertia drum is perfect when operating in damp conditions or in uneven crops. The integrated rasp bars rub against the concave to further enhance separation.

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Rotary separator: precision threshing performance

New Holland invented the rotary separator to offer farmers tailored threshing performance. The Multi-Thresh™ system enables operators to regulate the distance between the rotary separator and the concave. The shorter the distance, the more vigorous the rubbing for more aggressive separation. For long unbroken straw, the distance is increased. The integrated paddles force more grain through the concaves and deliver numerous direction changes to ensure every last valuable grain makes it into the tank.

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Sectional concave: easy to Manage, quick to change

• Reducing the rebuilding time from 6 hours to 20 minutes, when switching between crops
• Various concave section combinations can be fitted to match a variety of crop types
• No need to remove the straw elevator

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Straw flow beater: a perfect finish

The straw flow beater completes the forced separation and directs the crop onto the strawwalkers to complete the separation process.

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Your combine remembers your crops

To reduce set-up time when switching between crops or when working in varying crop conditions, the CX7 & CX8 features Automatic Crop Setting (ACS), with fifty crop specific settings. The operator either selects from pre-installed settings, or simply programmes two harvest parameters for each crop, drum speed and concave setting, sieve opening and cleaning fan speed, and recalls these on the IntelliView™ IV monitor when required. Push button simplicity from New Holland.

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Maintaining throughput with the crop flow beater

The beater’s serrated teeth prevent mats forming in the crop to improve crop flow in all conditions, especially when harvesting marginal crops at high moisture levels.

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Opti-Speed™ variable speed strawwalkers: a New Holland exclusive

• Standard on all CX combines Opti-Speed™ auto adaptive variable speed strawwalkers deliver up to a 10% productivity improvement
• Choose wheat, maize, rapeseed or rice setting, your CX7 and CX8 will automatically regulate strawwalker speed in relation to the crop selected
• When travelling uphill strawwalker speed reduces to keep every grain inside the machine
• On downward gradients, the speed is increased to prevent clogging and inefficient separation
• The system continually dialogues with the Opti-Fan™ and Opti-Clean™ systems to fine tune the strawwalker speed from 170-240rpm

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