Standard Optional
Grain header
Cutting width High-Capacity grain header (m)
Cutting width Varifeed™ grain header (m)
Cutting width SuperFlex header (m)
Knife speed Standard (cuts/min.)
Varifeed grain header (cuts/min.)
Spare knife and spare bolted knife sections
Feeding auger with full-width retractable fingers
Reel diameter (m)
Electro-hydraulic reel position adjustment
Automatic reel speed synchronisation to forward speed
Hydraulic quick coupler (single location)
Maize headers
Number of rows flip-up maize headers
Number of rows rigid maize headers
Remotely adjusted deck-plates
Integrated stalk choppers
Rotary dividers
Automatic header control systems
Automatic stubble height control
Compensation mode
Autofloat™ system
Straw elevator
Number of chains
Power Reverse™ hydraulic header and elevator reverser
Lateral flotation
Front face adjustment
Harvest Suite™ cab glass area (m²)
Cab category level - EN 15695
HID lighting pack
Air-suspension seat
Leather air-suspension seat
Instructor’s seat
IntelliView™ IV monitor with adjustable position
Up to 3 viewing camera’s
ACS (Automatic Crop Settings)
Air-conditioning and coolbox
Automatic climate control
Integrated fridge
MP3 Bluetooth radio (hands free phone calls)
Optimum cab noise level - 77/311EEC (dB(A))
New Holland Precision Land Management systems - Guidance Systems
SmartSteer™ automatic guidance system
IntelliSteer™ ready automatic guidance system
IntelliCruise™ System
Automatic row guidance system for maize headers
New Holland Precision Land Management systems - Precision farming
Moisture measuring
Yield measuring and moisture measuring
Full precision farming package including: yield measuring and moisture measuring, DGPS yield mapping
PLM® desktop software and software support service
Threshing drums
Width (m)
Diameter (m)
Standard type / Universal type
Number of bars
Speed range (rpm)
Drum concave
Area (m²)
Number of bars.
Wrap angle (degrees)
Four paddle and four teeth drum diameter (m)
Beater concave area (m²)
Rotary Separator
Diameter (m).
Speed (rpm)
Quick speed change without tools
Concave area (including rake) (m²)
Multi-Thresh™ system
Total powered separation area (m²)
Straw Flow™ beater
Opti-Speed™ variable strawwalkers***
Separation area (m²)
Self-levelling cleaning shoe
Opti-Clean™ cleaning system***
Grain pan removable from front
Pre-cleaning system
Total sieve area under wind control (m²)
Remote control sieve setting
Cleaning fan
Opti-Fan™ system
Number of blades
Self-levelling cleaning shoe drive
Fixed cleaning show drive
Self-levelling cleaning shoe variable speed range (rpm)
Fixed cleaning shoe variable speed range - Optional low (rpm)
Fixed cleaning shoe variable speed range - Standard High (rpm)
Double outlet fan
Electrical speed adjustment from the cab
Return system
Roto-thresher™ system (Number of rotors)
Returns indication on IntelliView™ IV monitor
Grain elevator
High capacity grain elevator with heavy duty chain & flaps
Grain tank
Capacity (l)
Central filling, folding bubble-up extension
Unloading auger
Overtop unloading
Unloading speed (l/s.)
Grain sample inspection door
Grain tank fill warning device
Unloading auger swivel reach (degrees)
12 volt alternator Standard/Optional (Amps)
Battery capacity (CCA / Ah)
Engine* complaint with Tier 4 emission reguations
Engine* complaint with Tier 4 emission reguations
Capacity (cm³)
ECOBlue™ SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
Injection system
Gross engine power @ 2100 rpm - ISO 14396 - ECE R120 [kW/hp(CV)]
Max. engine power @ 2000 rpm - ISO 14396 - ECE R120 [kW/hp(CV)]
Approved Bio Diesel Blend
Electronic governor
Fuel consumption measuring and read-out on IntelliView™ IV monitor
Air compressor
Engine rotary air screen blow off system
Fuel tanks
Diesel capacity (l)
AdBlue capacity (l)
Remote gearshifting
Differential lock
Powered rear wheels
Maximum speed standard / optional (kph)
Factory installed SmartTrax™ system
Residue management
Integrated straw chopper
Remote adjustable deflectors
Chaff spreader
Standard version on tyres, less header and less strawchopper (kg)
With traction wheels / tracks ****
Ground contact area (m²)
Max. height in transport position (m)
Max. width – transport (m)
Max. length with extended unloading tube without header (m)

Standard Optional – Not available
* Developed by FPT Industrial
**Biodiesel blend must fully comply with the latest fuel specification EN14214:2009 and operation is in accordance with operator manual guidelines
*** Only available on models with Self Levelling Clean shoe​
**** SmartTrax not available on the CX7080 and CX8070
***** Traction wheels other than those mentioned are also available: 710/70R42, 800/65-R32, 900/60-R32, 900/65R32 (Rice tyre), 800/70R32, 900/60R32, 800/70R38, 900/60R38, 1050/50R32 and SmartTrax 24", 30"

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