large feediNg area

The forward knife position makes the high capacity header perfect for long straw crops. Why? It creates a large feeding area from which the auger directs the crop to the centre of the header.

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sHort. loNg. PivotiNg. tHe cHoice is yours

You can specify your exact divider needs based on your field requirements.

• Short dividers closely follow ground contours for uniform stubble height.
• Long dividers are perfect when working in matted crops such as oats, as they penetrate further to prevent productivity impacting snagging.
• Adjustable pivoting dividers are ideal when harvesting laid crops, as they can be angled to lift the crop for the most effective cut.

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regulate reel sPeed

The mechanical reel drive ensures constant reel speed. Want more? How about the ability to fine tune reel speed when working in different crops. The result: more efficient harvesting that is gentle on the crop whilst maintaining productivity. The 7.32 and 9.15 metre variants benefit from hydraulic reel drive technology.

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efficieNt Header couPliNg

During tight harvesting windows, every second counts when it comes to bringing the crop home. That is why all high capacity headers benefit from quick coupling technology. All hydraulic lines are attached using a dedicated cradle which snaps into place with one handle. Making harvesting easier. Must be New Holland.

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