A winning combination

The TC range of combines benefits from the productivity enhancing features of FPT Industrial 6.7L NEF engines equipped with ECOBlue™ SCR technology for Tier 4A compliance on TC4.90 and TC5.70 models, and ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology on TC5.80 and TC5.90 models for Tier 4B compliance. Through the Clean Energy Leader strategy, New Holland is committed to making agriculture more efficient while respecting the environment. The proven ECOBlue™ technology uses AdBlue to transform the harmful nitrogen oxides contained in the exhaust gas into harmless water and nitrogen. This after-treatment system is separate from the engine which means the engine only breathes clean, fresh air. This means clean running power units that offer improved performance and enhanced fuel economy.

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AdBlue with no added hassle

AdBlue is a water and urea mix that is added to the exhaust gases to make them harmless. Available through your New Holland dealer, you will be able to store AdBlue on your farm in a container size that suits your needs. Just fill up your TC’s 72 litre AdBlue tank every other time you fill up with diesel.

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Strong drivelines, versatile transmissions

All TC models have the proven drivelines for operation in the toughest conditions. The large drum generates high inertia and stores energy to effectively smooth-out peak loads. To eliminate torque loads, the gearbox is mounted to a heavy traction beam and drives the final reduction gearboxes through two high-speed shafts. TC5.80 and TC5.90 models can work with 6-row maize headers and can be specified with reinforced drivelines with two PTO shafts: one left and one right.

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Reduced width for easier travel

On five strawwalker models, the main axle beam has been shortened by 47mm to give a reduced overall transport width. On the new TC4.90 model, transport width is below 3m, thereby reducing problems associated with field gateways and narrow lanes.

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Differential lock for tough conditions

The optional differential lock, available on TC5.80 and TC5.90 models, can greatly improve productivity during the occasional difficult season. Activated from the cab, it will allow you to keep going where others fail.

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Rely on a sustained power supply

The in-line cooling system fan is located between the rotary dust screen and the radiator. The self-cleaning screen eliminates chaff and large particles before the powerful seven blade fan blows air through the radiator. The system helps eliminate radiator plugging, keeps the engine compartme

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