Chop or bale, we’ve got it covered

Gentle residue management is a core TC combine feature, the straw swath produced by these models suits all types of baler. For those who do not wish to bale, a fully integrated Dual-Chop™ straw chopper is available. This will produce a fine chop to help speed the breakdown of residues. High quality bales or fine chopping, the choice is yours.

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Dual-Chop™ precision

Activated from a switch in the cab, the fully integrated Dual-Chop™ straw chopper can produce very finely chopped straw by means of an extra rake that prevents long straw from escaping. Adjustable vanes alter the spread of chopped material, with remote adjustment as an option. This enables the operator to adjust the spread pattern adjacent to the headland and to compensate for strong winds.

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Chaff spread whether you chop or bale

An even spread of chaff is of great benefit post harvest. Highly efficient chaff spreaders are fitted to all TC models, and work independently when leaving a swath or chopping.

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Airy swath

Drying air can reach the heart of a TC straw swath, a key benefit when baling. Adjustable fingers allow the size and shape of the swath to be adjusted.

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