Dual or triple-drum threshing looks after grain and straw

New Holland TC combines match performance and productivity with high sample quality and gentle straw handling. Where straw is baled for feed or bedding, a standard TC combine will deliver a well-presented swath of unbroken straw. Need increased threshing performance? With the Rotary Separator option you have a more aggressive forced separation system, ideally suited to high throughput in heavy crops.

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Multi-Thresh for optimised concave setting

The New Holland Multi-Thresh system helps ensure the concave position is optimised to suit the crop and prevailing conditions. By making subtle changes to the concave, threshing efficiency is maintained as moisture values and other variables alter during the day.

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Boosting throughput the New Holland way

The powered separation of a threshing system is ten times more efficient than strawwalkers, especially in green straw conditions. This is why New Holland invented the ‘second drum’ Rotary Separator system. Offered as an option across all TC models, the Rotary Separator increases the powered separation area from 1.18m² to 1.81m², the extra concave, additional rubbing and directional changes boosting separation efficiency. This is the ideal configuration for demanding crops and conditions.

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A concave to suit your crops

New Holland can supply a choice of concave types to suit specific crops to include maize and rice.

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Impressive threshing with unbroken kernels

The rubbing action created by the 60cm diameter drum gently but effectively removes the grain kernels from the ears of the crop. The concave wrap angle is a generous 111 degrees, delivering 0.83m² of concave threshing for optimum efficiency

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Five strawwalker efficiency for final separation

Five strawwalkers have a separation area of 6.69m² (6.49m² on Rotary Separator combines). Their closed bottom design adds strength and life-long reliability and ensures even delivery of separated grain to the grain pan when working on side slopes.

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