Standard Optional
Grain header
Cutting width: High-Capacity grain header (m)
Cutting width: High-Capacity rice header (m)
Cutting width: Heavy Duty Varifeed™ grain header (575mm of knife travel) (m)
Knife speed Standard/Varifeed (cuts/min.)
Spare knife and spare bolted knife sections
Feeding auger with full-width retractable fingers
Reel diameter (m)
Electro-hydraulic reel position adjustment
Instant tine angle adjustment
Headland routine sensors
Fast coupler
Triple PTO
Maize headers
Heavy duty driveline (L+R-PTO + 2HC)
Number of rows: Rigid maize headers
Number of rows: Flip-up maize headers
Stalk stompers
Rotary dividers
Header control systems
Stubble height control
Controlfloat™ system
Autofloat™ II system
Straw elevator
Number of chains
Header and elevator reverser
Lateral flotation
Suspended cab
Air-suspension seat
Instructor’s seat
Automatic temperature control
Remote controls for header, threshing and unloading engagement
Turnable stairs
Optimum cab noise level - 77/311EEC (dB(A))
Vibration level (ISO 2631) (m/s²)
Threshing drum
Width (m)
Diameter (m)
Number of bars
Speed range (rpm)
Drum concave
Area (m²)
Number of bars
Angle of wrap (degrees)
Concave adjustment
Four paddle
Rake area (less Rot. Sep.) / concave area (with Rot. Sep.) (m²)
Rotary Separator
Rotary Separator
Diameter (m)
Speed (rpm)
Concave area (including rake) (m²)
Adjustable concave
Total forced separation area (with Rot. Sep. / less Rot. Sep.) (m²)
Separation area with Rotary Separator (m²)
Separation area (less Rot. Sep.) (m²)
Total separation area (with Rot. Sep. / less Rot. Sep.) (m²)
Total sieve area under wind control (Fixe cleaning shoe / Smart Sieve) (m²)
Cascaded cleaning shoe with extra pre-sieve
Smart Sieve™ self levelling: cleaning system automatic kernel size adaptation
Side slope correction on Pre- and Top-sieve (%)
Cleaning fan
Number of blades
Speed range (rpm)
Electrical speed adjustment from the cab
Return system
Return system to drum
Returns indication on monitor
Grain elevator
High capacity grain elevator with heavy duty chain & flaps
Moisture sensor
Graintank capacity (l)
Unloading auger
In-line unloading
Automatic full swing-out of unloading tube
Unloading speed (l/s)
Unloading auger swivel reach (degrees)
Grain sample inspection door
Graintank full warning device
Compliance with emission level
ECOBlue™ SCR / HI-eSCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
Approved Biodiesel blend
Injection system
Gross power ECE R120 (2100rpm) [kW/hp(CV)]
Maximum power ECE R120 (2000rpm) [kW/hp(CV)]
Air compressor kit
Fuel tank
Capacity (l)
Differential lock
Fixed steering axle
Powered steering axle
Residue management
Integrated straw chopper
Dual-Chop™ Installed in chopper
Remote adjustable deflectors
Chaff spreader without chopper
Full option version (less header, with chopper, with spreader, 90% fueled) (kg)
Dimensions (depending on the tyre size)
Minimum width (mm)
Maximum length without header, with chopper (mm)

Standard Optional – Not available
* Developed by FPT Industrial
** Biodiesel blend must fully comply with the latest fuel specification EN14214:2009 and operation is in accordance with operator manual guidelines
*** Wide version, 620/75R30, 2WD, no spreader
**** 3rd lift cylinder is obligatory, only on light crops
***** 3rd cylinder is obligatory, only for light crops, Lateral Float Feeder Required
****** 3rd lift cylinder is obligatory

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