Standard Optional
No. of cyl. / Aspiration / Valves / Emission level Tier-Stage
Capacity (cm³)
Bore and stroke (mm)
Max. engine power - ISO14396 [kW/hp(CV)]
Max. torque ISO TR14396 @2500 rpm (Nm)
Service interval (Hrs)
Fuel tank capacity (l)
Electrical system
Voltage (V)
Battery / Alternator (Ah)
Max. noise level [dB(A)]
Vision (degrees)
Tilting & telescopic steering wheel
F-N-R integrated on joystick
Hydraulics system
Type of pump
Standard / High flow (@ 2500rpm) (lpm)
Operating speed range (km/h)
Travel speed range (km/h)
Optional high travel speed (km/h)
“Inch & Brake” Pedal
Differential lock
Limited slip diff front & rear
Open diff front & rear
Open diff with 100% lock on front & rear
Specifications with forks
Tipping load straight (tonnes)
Tipping load at full turn @40° (tonnes)
Payload @80% (tonnes)
Operating weight (kg)
Max. overall height (m)
Hinge pin height (m)
Max. fork height (m)
Forks height @ max. reach (m)
Reach @ ground level (m)
Max. reach (m)
Reach @ max. heigh (m)
Specifications with bucket
Bucket volume (SAE) (m3)
Breakout force (kgF)
Length with bucket (m)
Max. bucket height (m)
Hinge pin height (m)
Dump height @45° (m)
Dig depth (mm)
Reach at full height (mm)
Height (mm)
Ground clearance (mm)
Rear axle width (m)
Implement width (m)
Wheelbase (m)
Turning radius (m)

Standard Optional – Not available
* Developed by FPT Industrial