Proven durability in the harshest of conditions

New Holland has engineered the D Series wheel loaders to suit re-handling of root crops, compost, farm yard manure, grain, woodchip and other bulk materials. D Series wheel loaders also have the traction to work in deep muck or work on a steep silage clamp. These machines are designed with maximum productivity in mind, and equipped with the performance to keep up with the highest output forage harvesters.

Heavy duty transmission
• A five-speed 40kph* Ecoshift PowerShift™ transmission is standard on W130 D, W170 D & W190 D models
• The torque convertor can lock above 2nd gear to ensure 100% of engine power is sent to the axles
• Incorporating a ‘power-inch’ function, the transmission delivers optimised pushing power whilst eliminating roll back
• The W110 D is available with a 40kph* four-speed PowerShift™ transmission with automatic or manual gear selection
• On all four models, the forward reverse shuttle can be operated via a steering column mounted lever or by forward / reverse buttons on the joystick
• To speed load cycles, releasing the drive pedal will bring the loader to a stop without the need to use the brakes. Even on an incline, there will be no roll back
• If the brake is pressed, full engine power will be diverted to the hydraulics for full loading performance

* 50kph with Michelin Mega X-bib 750/65R26, where homologation allows

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Rear axle oscillation

Rear axle oscillation is not compromised by the large 750/65R26 agricultural tyre option, allowing stability to be maintained while traversing large lumps of material encountered during grass silage and maize clamping

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Heavy duty axles

• As standard, W170 D & W190 D wheel loaders are fitted with heavy duty axles with an automatic 100% locking front differential and a fully open differential in the rear axle
• The front differential can also be manually activated by a foot switch or configurable armrest button
• Heavy duty axles with front differential lock result in 20-30% less tyre wear and lower fuel consumption overall
• W110 D, W130 D & W170 D models can be equipped with standard axles front and rear featuring limited slip differentials, or with heavy duty axles with automatic 100% locking front differential

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Transmission kickdown

• All models have a transmission ‘kickdown’ feature activated by a button on the joystick
• This feature provides quick access to a lower gear to optimise power when climbing or pushing

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Durable rubber stops

• Durable replaceable rubber blocks absorb the impact of the chassis articulation points meeting at full steering lock
• Noise, shock and vibration is reduced as a result

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Tyre pressure monitoring

• A sensor on each wheel monitors the tyre pressure
• The driver is alerted on the touchscreen if pressure drops below range
• Correct tyre pressure is critical to reducing fuel consumption and tyre wear and minimising downtime and operating costs

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