Ergonomic perfection

Purpose designed for the D series wheel loaders, the new generation cab offers class leading all-round visibility, comfort and operator security. Fully FOPS and ROPS certified, the new cab features a curved, one-piece windscreen offering a clear and uninterrupted view of the loader arm, with an excellent view to the front as the boom is raised. Visibility over the shoulder, to the sides and extremities is excellent, allowing the operator to place the machine accurately and with confidence in confined areas. The seat mounted joystick control features a fully adjustable armrest, and the redesigned side console ensures all key functions are always within easy reach. Stay properly connected thanks to the Bluetooth radio with ceiling mounted microphone and remote AUX and USB sockets in the side console. The advanced ventilation package ensures the cab remains comfortable regardless of outside temperatures, with excellent filtration allowing operation in dusty environments. To further aid comfort, the cab is mounted on purpose designed viscous oil suspension blocks to reduce noise and vibration and results in noise levels as low as 68dB(A).

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Luxury seat option

Operators working over rough terrain, silage clamps and spending long hours in the cab can specify a deluxe seat with automatic weight adjustment, half leather trim, low frequency shock absorption system, headrest and heating

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Excellent ventilation

• Thirteen adjustable vents keep you comfortable and the cab glass clear
• A grid defroster takes care of the rear window in cold conditions

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Finishing touches

• Dual internal cab mirrors and front and rear sun blinds increase safety and help reduce blindspots
• Right side window can be locked fully open to allow easy communication with people on the ground

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Keep it cool

Optional 30 litre portable coolbox keeps your drinks and snacks cool all day

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Cab filtration

• The cab filter cartridge combines high levels of filtration with generous capacity to allow extended periods between renewal
• There is a choice between the standard CAT2 HVAC or a CAT3 Activated carbon filter can be ordered separately through CNH parts
• The filtration system is linked to an advanced heating and air-conditioned ventilation package

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