Ultimate capacity

New Holland knows that throughput is king where forage harvesters are concerned and that owners dream in tonnes per hour.

Superior harvest quality

Patented HydroLoc™ technology guarantees constant chop length independent of throughput and crop type.

Lower operating costs

Lower operating costs mean higher profits. The FR480 to FR780 models benefit from advanced ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology for Tier 4B compliance which optimises your fuel consumption, saving you money.

Absolute driving pleasure

Skilled forage harvester operators are like gold dust, and when you’ve found one, you’ll want to hang onto them.



Standard Optional
Engine configuration and number of cylinders
Capacity (cm³)
Injection system
Compliant with engine emissions regulations
ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
Gross engine power (2100rpm) - ISO TR14396 - ECE R119 [kW/hp(CV)]
Maximum engine power (1700-1900rpm) - ISO TR14396 - ECE R120 [kW/hp(CV)]
Torque (1700rpm) ISO 14396 - ECE R120 (Nm)
Maximum Torque (1500rpm) ISO 14396 - ECE R120 (Nm)
Torque rise (2100 to 1500rpm) (%)
Approved biodiesel blend****
Power Cruise™ II system
ECO engine management mode
Fuel consumption measuring and read-out on IntelliView™ IV monitor
Air compressor
Fuel tank
Diesel capacity (l)
AdBlue capacity (l)
Length of cut adjustment
Number of feed-rolls (n°)
Feed opening width (mm)
MetaLoc™ metal detection with position indication
Dual Drive system (header hydrostatic drive)
ActiveLOC™ active chop length
Cutterhead cylinder type
Cutterhead frame width (mm)
Cutterhead cylinder width (mm)
Cutterhead diameter (max / min) (mm)
Cutterhead speed at 2100 engine rpm (rpm)
Cuts per minute (2 x 8 knives) (c/min)
Length of cut range (2 x 8 knives) (mm)
Cuts per minute (2 x 10 knives) (c/min)
Length of cut range (2 x 10 knives) (mm)
Cuts per minute (2 x 12 knives) (c/min)
Length of cut range (2 x 12 knives) (mm)
Cuts per minute (2 x 16 knives) (c/min)
Length of cut range (2 x 16 knives) (mm)
Cuts per minute (2 x 20 knives) (c/min)
Length of cut range (2 x 20 knives) (mm)
Adjust-O-Matic™ shearbar setting
Automatic knife sharpening system
Automatic knife sharpening system with reverse drive
Variflow™ system
Variflow™ system
Standard Crop processor
Standard Crop processor
Roll diameter (mm)
Two-roll system with saw tooth profile (teeth)
Chrome coated two-roll system with 99/126 Teeth combination
Width crop processor rolls (mm)
10% speed differential
22% speed differential
30% speed differential (only with 99/126 & 126/126 teeth combination)
60% speed differential (whole crop)
Roll clearance range (electro-hydraulic adjustment) (mm)
Manual clearance control (optional 200mm rolls)
Remote electro-hydraulic clearance control (250mm rolls)
DuraCracker™ Heavy Duty Crop processor
DuraCracker™ Heavy Duty Crop processor
Roll diameter (mm)
Two chrome roll system with DuraCracker™ saw tooth profile (teeth)
Two chrome roll system with DuraShredder™ spiral cut tooth profile (teeth)
Width crop processor rolls (mm)
30% speed differential
40% speed differential
Roll clearance range (electro-hydraulic adjustment) (mm)
Remote electro-hydraulic clearance control
Blower rotor diameter (mm)
Blower rotor width (mm)
Blower speed at 2100 engine rpm (rpm)
Spout maximum height (mm)
Rotation angle (°)
Spout extension (10-row maize header) (mm)
Spout extension (12-row maize header) (mm)
Automatic spout functions (home and work positions)
Spout side collision protection
Abrasive options
Abrasive options
12 volt alternator Standard/Optional (Amps)
Battery capacity (CCA / Ah)
Remote gearshifting
Differential lock
Standard 4WD system
Heavy duty 4WD system with Terralock™ traction management
Maximum optional road speed @ 1200rpm (kph)
Header control systems
Automatic stubble height control
Pressure compensation mode
Autofloat™ system
Mechanical Lateral flotation
Power Reverse™ hydraulic header reverser
Hydraulic quick coupler (single location)
Automatic header speed synchronisation to forward speed
Cab glass area
Cab glass area (m²)
Cab category level - EN 15695
LED lighting pack
Standard cloth trimmed seat with air-suspension
Deluxe cloth trimmed heated air-suspension seat with Active Ventilation
Leather trimmed heated air-suspension seat with Active Ventilation
Instructor's seat
CommandGrip™ Handle
IntelliView™ IV monitor with adjustable position
Reversing camera
Manual Air-conditioning and heating
Automatic climate control
Removable Coolbox
MP3 Bluetooth radio (hands free phone calls)
Automatic greasing system
Rear bumper with integrated storage boxes
Optimum cab noise level - ISO 5131 (dB(A))
New Holland Precision Land Management systems
PLM® Connect Telematics
Guidance systems
IntelliSteer® system
Automatic row guidance system for maize headers
IntelliFill™ system
Precision farming
Precision farming
Optional additive tank (with adjustable flow) capacity (l)
Moisture measuring
Yield measuring and moisture measuring
Evo NIR On-board sensor
Full Precision farming package including: Yield measuring and moisture measuring, DGPS yield mapping
Full Precision farming package including: PLM desktop software and software support service
Weight***** (kg)

Standard Optional – Not available
* Developed by FPT Industrial
** Engine speed 1800 - 2000rpm
*** Engine speed at 1800rpm
**** Biodiesel blend must fully comply with the latest fuel specification EN14214:2009 and operation is in accordance with operator manual guidelines
***** Grass configuration

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