Efficient power transfer, Right angle gearbox, Direct driveline efficiency

In order to get the very most out of your FR Forage Cruiser, efficient power transmission from the engine to the driven parts and ultimately to the ground is a must. The range’s in-line concept and direct driveline logic guarantee this and so much more.

The short drive belt offers significant improvements in power transmission, and when compared to traditional belt driven hydraulic systems, the FR’s gearbox design offers substantial efficiency gains. Furthermore, this gearbox delivers bullet proof reliability, as it has been engineered to for extended durability.

The single drivebelt concept has eliminated parasitic losses inherent with transfer gearbox driven systems, and transmits 100% of the power to the cutterhead, crop processor and blower for the ultimate in foraging efficiency. The FR780 and FR850 are fitted with heavy duty 9HB V-belt drives to transfer every last drop of their performance.

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Dual drive option

When using attachments in demanding crop conditions, an optional Dual Drive system adds a second hydrostatic drive that allows for more power to be transferred to the crop attachment. Dual Drive also allows you to adjust attachment speed independently from the feed rolls, on the go, in the field, to fine-tune header feeding and increase machine output.

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Vast tyre offering

• Choose the tallest 710/70R42 tyres to comply with strict transport width restrictions
• Choose ultra wide 900/60R38 tyres to maintain a light footprint and reduce compaction on delicate soils
• Dual wheels can be fitted for extreme flotation and traction
• Pre-drilled axles enable a centralised tyre inflation system to be easily installed

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Super tight turning

• FR compact design and steering geometry enable a 55° steering angle and an impressive 6.4m turning circle.
• Excellent manoeuvrability reduces shunting and speeds up row transitions at headlands
• Tapered rear design and reduced overhang minimise damage risk from passing trailers

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Long and stable

• Long 3.2m wheelbase ensures stability in field and on the road
• Road bounce is eliminated thanks to the four 250kg rear counterweights
• High ground clearance of up to 14cm more than competitor machines enables working in marginal conditions
• Go to the extreme with the standard differential lock and optional 100% mechanical four wheel drive

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