Spacious and quiet. Your field office.

The FR Forage Cruiser range of forage harvesters offer you a home away from home during long foraging days. The spacious cab offers unrivalled 360° visibility and you can enjoy all of that space in the peace and quiet of the near silent 76dB(A) cab. The automotive inspired interior, features an ultramodern dark grey colour scheme, which has been extended to the seat, headliner and armrest. The luxurious leather steering wheel and two tone leather trimmed seats add to the exclusive, premium feel of your field office.

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Easy access

A redesigned access steps lead to a larger operator platform featuring additional safety handrails.

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360° panoramic visibility

• Class leading 360° visibility is possible thanks to the curved glass and sculpted side door windows
• Sculpted side-door glass allows an unobstructed line of sight to the spout tip
• Curved rear windows and narrow rear cab pillars enhance the view to the rear
• Optional panoramic electric mirrors help to cover all angles
• Choose up to three optional viewing cameras or six with dual display can be managed through the IntelliView™ IV monitor, and one has been prewired for reversing

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Stay refreshed on the hottest days

• Keep drinks cool with the integrated fridge
• Located under the instructor seat, the fridge is fully portable
• Air conditioning comes as standard, or choose the optional Automatic Climate Control system for accurate temperature control

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Loud and clear

Air horns are now fitted as option featuring dual-trumpets delivering the sound pressure of up to 112dB(A) through 2 trumpets producing 150 & 180Hz, enhancing communication in the field with tractor and trailer drivers. They are deactivated during road transport.

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Mount up

A mounting rail, conveniently positioned to the right of the armrest can host a whole range of additional monitors and accessories.

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Please, take a seat.

New Holland brings to you the best-in class seat offering, with three different models providing you with a wide choice. All seats benefit from improved cushioning. These firmer, more durable seat cushions provide outstanding comfort whatever the terrain. A standard, full-sized upholstered instructor seat folds down to provide a work surface when not in use.

Luxury leather seat
The top of the range leather trimmed seat features all the above and extended vertical travel and automatic weight adjustment absorbs even the most severe bumps to offer the ultimate in operator comfort and style.

Standard seat
The standard wide cloth trimmed seat provides exceptional features and ensures all operators will stay comfortable throughout the longest harvesting day.

Deluxe cloth seat
The optional deluxe cloth trimmed seat with heating and active ventilation features fore/aft movement for even more comfort.

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The optional deluxe cloth trimmed

The FR Forage Cruiser lighting package has raised the lighting bar. The spread of light has been engineered for maximum visibility of the entire header and the field ahead. Dedicated lights at the end of the spout offers a clear view of the trailer fill and an optional LED lighting package further enhances lighting performance. At the end of a long day, you can get out of your FR in complete safety courtesy of the entrance light, which remains on for 30 seconds, after you’ve switched the FR off.

• The FR lighting package offers up to 20 work lights including 17 LED lights. 11 LED lights have been precision placed in the roof to ensure the perfect spread of light.
• Six working lights have been placed in key working areas, including the spout, service deck and on the bumper to enhance foraging accuracy when working in low light conditions.
• Undershield LED lighting package makes carrying out maintenance activities in low light levels even easier.

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