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Versatile offering to cover any customer needs

Customers demand ultimate crop quality. The FR Forage Cruiser delivers it thanks to unparalleled processing performance. Contractors and cooperatives want to change between crops in the blink of an eye to minimise downtime. The FR delivers courtesy of industry-leading Variflow™ technology.

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Standard crop processing rolls

The efficient crop processing rolls utilise a proven sawtooth pattern for aggressive processing, which means virtually all kernels are cracked, making their nutritious starch content easier to digest. Available in four configurations, with between 99 – 166 teeth, with speed differential from 10 to 30%, the gap between the rolls can be calibrated using the IntelliView™ IV monitor for truly tailored processing performance.

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DuraCracker™ heavy duty crop processing

The new DuraCracker™ heavy duty crop processing system has been design with reinforced frames and drives so that it can deliver outstanding processing performance. The higher intensity crop processing system has been designed to match the higher outputs of today’s most powerful machines, such as the new FR920. Available in 100 and 130 teeth, with speed differential of 30 or 40%.

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DuraShredder™ heavy duty crop processing

The DuraShredder™ rolls have spiral cut design, in addition to the overall heavy duty system. This new design effectively shreds the crop which results in fluffy fibres. This is responding to the latest customer requirements demanding more intensive processing of maize kernels and stover when harvesting at midto- long length of cuts. Available in 110 and 138 teeth, with speed differential of 30 or 40%.

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Variflow™ technology

The Variflow™ system enables the operator to alter the position of the blower depending on the crop being harvested. The system features one maize and two grass settings: one for first cut, heavy silage and the second, that virtually eliminates the gap between the blower and the processer, for light second and third cut silage, as it powers these light, flyaway crops directly up the spout. In grass-mode, the blower is situated 20cm closer to the cutterhead and offers savings of up to 40hp to enhance overall machine efficiency.

One person. Two minutes. No tools.
In under two minutes, and on your own, you can change the Variflow™ system from its maize to grass setting without the need for any tools. Furthermore, an exclusive tensioning system ensures correct belt tension in both positions so you don’t need worry about it. During extended periods of silage, or when harvesting wholecrop, you can remove the crop processor in under 20 minutes with the assistance of a dedicated winch.

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