Continuous crop flow

Foraging is not a solo task, constant communication is required between the operator and the harvesting crew to ensure the entire crop is picked up and transferred to the pit. With over 210° of spout movement, unfettered, ‘goldfish bowl’ cab visibility and fully automatic trailer filling, as the crop flows out, the pounds will flow in.

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Exceptional 210° of spout rotation

• 210° spout rotation enables trailers to be filled on both right and left sides
• Choose spout home position for safe transport
• High strength, reinforced spout design results in precise filling
• Fill the highest sided trailers thanks to a maximum 6.4m spout elevation

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Cutting-edge blowing performance

• Transfer higher volumes of crop more efficiently with our most advanced blower design yet
• 40% increased mass of smooth flowing air allows higher volumes of crop transfer
• Smooth crop flow supported by an impressive crop flow stability value of 80%
• Cutting-edge technology results in reduced turbulence and greater unloading efficiency

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Let the FR Forage Cruiser fill the trailer for you

• Minimal operator stress with maximum accuracy
• Choose the multi-award winning 3D camera based IntelliFill™ system to automatically fill your trailer
• Industry leading trailer edge recognition technology, whatever trailer size or shape
• Automatic control of spout movement optimizes trailer filling and eliminates spillage

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Precision fill direction control

Precisely control trailer filling using the fully adjustable, 330mm wide spout flap activated from the CommandGrip™ multifunction handle.

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