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Duradisc & Disccutter

The New Holland range of front mounted disc mowers is available in two variants. The DuraDisc™ F Non-conditioner mower and the DiscCutter™ F mower conditioner.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

Following key manufacturing principles, rigorous manufacturing and quality standards are upheld by a committed workforce, to deliver outstanding quality, durability and reliability.

A history of excellence

The New Holland brand has become synonymous with hay and forage excellence, an unbroken bloodline which stretches back more than a century.



Optimal crop flow

The DuraDisc™ F and DiscCutter™ F models have been designed to position the cut crop between the tractor’s wheel to prevent contamination of the crop due to the wheels running over it. The mowers’ disc all rotate in the same direction, to deliver crop to the centre of the mower.

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Ground hugging

The DuraDisc™ F range of front mounted mowers has excellent ground following capabilities thanks to its simple yet durable suspension system. The suspension system reacts to deliver uniform cutting height in undulating ground. In order to protect the mower from obstacles, such as large rocks, the entire cutter unit moves back and up for protection.

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Contour floatation system

DiscCutter™ F models benefit from a contour floatation system. This technology can compensate for side inclinations of up to 12° and vertical inclinations of up to 55cm, and with the cutting unit suspended in a trapez-system the cutting unit leans back once it is moved backwards making it ideal when working in hilly or mountainous pastures ensuring an even cut and a minimum of soil contamination.

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Conditioning offering

The DuraDisc™ is a non-conditioning model and the DiscCutter™ F range is specified with PE finger conditioning.

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Durable cutterbar technology

The cutterbar is really at the heart of the mower. All models benefit from the cutterbar’s low profile design, which has a perfectly smooth underside and a large bearing surface which guarantees low ground pressure, thereby protecting both the field and the crop during mowing for quicker regrowth. Furthermore, the low profile design means that the crop can be cut to a 40mm stubble height, harvesting more of your crop.

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Ease of use

The cutterbar’s twisted blades can be quickly and easily changed with a dedicated tool. Servicing is easy too, thanks to ‘on top’ serviceability. The bearing hubs can be easily and quickly dismounted for rapid servicing access.

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PE Finger available on Disccutter F models

These flexible Polyethylene fingers are highly flexible, light and require minimal maintenance. Ideal for those producing cattle fodder, if a finger is lost in the crop it will not harm livestock or a forage harvester.

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