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New Holland’s range of MegaCutter™ mowers have been designed with maximum throughput in mind. With this triple mower, you can achieve very high hourly work rates thanks to an 8.60 metre cutting width.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

Following key manufacturing principles, rigorous manufacturing and quality standards are upheld by a committed workforce, to deliver outstanding quality, durability and reliability.

A history of excellence

The New Holland brand has become synonymous with hay and forage excellence, an unbroken bloodline which stretches back more than a century.


Durable cutterbar technology

The cutterbar is really at the heart of the mower. All models benefit from the cutterbar’s low profile design, which has a perfectly smooth underside and a large bearing surface which guarantees low ground pressure, thereby protecting both the field and the crop during mowing for quicker regrowth. Furthermore, the low profile design means that the crop can be cut to a 40mm stubble height, harvesting more of your crop.

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Ease of use

The cutterbar’s twisted blades can be quickly and easily changed with a dedicated tool. Servicing is easy too, thanks to ‘on top’ serviceability. The bearing hubs can be easily and quickly dismounted for rapid servicing access.

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PE conditioner Fingers

these flexible Polyethylene fingers are highly flexible, light and require minimal maintenance. Ideal for those producing cattle fodder, if a finger is lost in the crop it will not harm livestock or a forage harvester.

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Tailored conditioning

Dependent on the crop, its moisture content and ultimate usage, the degree of conditioning can be quickly and easily adjusted from one single handle.

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Ideal swath formation

Thanks to the higher driving speeds, made possible by the 85% conditioning width, better shaped swaths are formed, leading to more efficient overall operation – ideal when the mower is being directly followed by a baler or forage harvester.

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TopDry™ feature

This impressive feature, available on DiscCutter™, DiscCutter™ L and DiscCutter™ C models fitted with PE fingers or Steel Flail conditioners, enables the wide spreading of crop – over 85% of the cutting width. It delivers a higher degree of conditioning, by actively forcing the crop into the conditioner. The wider swath exposes more of the crop to the air to minimise drying time – ideal when working unsuitable weather conditions. The degree of top drying can be adjusted with one handle.

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Robust suspension

The three-point suspension is constructed from high-strength steel for both compact and stable operation. Furthermore, this means lower overall operating weight and less stress on the tractor.

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Optional conditioner

The entire MegaCutter range can be specified either with, or without conditioner.

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Cutter bar

The cutter bar features a shallow cutting angle, and guide shoes cover the entire width. This ensures an even flow of material across the cutterbar and clean, even stubble. Furthermore, the guideshoes cover the entire length of the cutterbar to aid regrowth. Replacing blades is quick, easy and simple, and is carried out using a tool supplied which releases the blade directly from the safety pin.

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Drying assistance: TopDry™ system

With just a single handle, the machine can be adjusted for wide spreading and extra conditioning. This is beneficial when working in tight weather windows, as the TopDry system accelerates the drying process, helping to preserve the nutritional value of the crop.

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One sided mowing

As the two rear mower wings can be independently lifted, it is possible to mow using one side only, perfect when working in narrow fields and tapered field edges.

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Easy obstacle release

The adjustable mechanical obstacle release enables the entire cutter unit to move backwards in the event of a collision.

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