Powerful hydraulics deliver fast work cycles

Efficient hydraulics are key to telehandler productivity. This goes beyond pump capacity; efficient use of available oil, optimised ram sizes and effective control valves all making a contribution to overall performance. The new LM models benefit from New Holland’s 20 years of telehandler development, careful attention to the design of the hydraulic circuit not just improving cycle times but also in ensuring performance is maintained in demanding conditions to include extreme heat. As an option, up to two rear remote valves can be specified. Additional valves and diverters to control front mounted attachments are also available.

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Hydraulic pump choice to tailor your needs

• Non-Elite models are fitted with 120 l/min gear pump as standard
• An optional 140 l/min variable displacement pump is also available for more demanding applications
• The electro-hydraulic joystick delivers full proportional control and enables multiple functions to be performed simultaneously

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Variable pump delivers high output at low engine speeds

• LM Elite models are fitted with a high performance, variable displacement piston pump with a maximum output of 140 l/min
• Pump features include the ability to deliver a high rate of flow at all engine speeds but to also close down when there is no demand on the system
• This allows more engine power to be diverted to the transmission and is of particular value in duties to include transport and when climbing a silage clamp

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