DISC CULTIVATORS Tillage Equipment



Stubble cultivation is key for residue incorporation, weed seed germination or seedbed preparation. Our SDM range is ideal for 3-10cm cultivation. The SDH range, with its larger discs and comprehensive suspension system, has been designed for deeper cultivation and coping with heavy surface residue.

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Disc system

The SDM range feature a 520mm diameter concaved shape disc with a notched edge for good cutting and ground following capabilities and has rubber suspension to give vertical movement of 100mm. The SDH range features a 610mm diameter notched disc, mounted with C shaped spring, delivering 200mm vertical movement.

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Choice of roller

The roller acts both as rear depth control and a crumbling and packing unit. Choose between a single cage roller, double cage roller, ring roller and a double-U roller - perfect choices to suit your soil.

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