Inter-row cultivation. More than just weed control.

New Holland SRC and SRC SmartSteer™ inter-row cultivators offer a sustainable approach to weed control in row crops, with additional benefits that can include enhanced crop yields and reduced husbandry costs. In work, the tines of the cultivators operate at a shallow depth between the rows of the crop to ease weeds out of the soil. The action of this light cultivation delivers other benefits. In damp conditions, the open structure of lightly cultivated soil helps to promote drainage and enhances the flow of water through the soil profile. In dry conditions, a light tilth over the root zone helps protect the soil from excess drying and can help reduce the formation of deep fissures into the subsoil. This can reduce moisture loss, particularly from the root zone and help to ensure nutrients are not washed away in heavy rain. Further benefits of light inter-row soil cultivation include promoting conditions that support micro-organisms and earthworms to improve overall soil health.

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Affordable, Effective, Sustainable.

The increased use of selective herbicides, over many years, has reduced the number of growers who fully appreciate the benefits of inter-row cultivation. Proven to offer effective weed control during the early stages of crop development, the use of inter-row cultivators can:
• improve moisture retention
• aerate the soil over the rootzone
• increase water and nutrient uptake
• promote aerobic activity

These benefits, when combined with reduced weed competition can lead to:
• faster crop development
• improved crop vigour
• reduced or eliminated need for herbicides
• more viable plants per hectare
• an overall boost in crop yields

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