Integrated Steering: IntelliTurn™



Complete Automation

Automate the start of the HTS II (Headland Turn Sequence) with the IntelliTurn trigger for a completely automated End of Row Turn.

Maximum Efficiency

Ensure the implement re-enters the infield work area in-line/square.

Suit Operator Preference

3 triggers to fit your operation, initiate turn by: Headland, Outer Boundary, or End of Swath.

Auto Speed

Industry exclusive Auto Speed feature dynamically plans and modifies the turn path based on vehicle speed when approaching the turn.

Integrated Steering: IntelliTurn™

IntelliTurn - Automatic End-of-Row-Turn feature

• Simple, user friendly auto turn feature that is easy to operate and further increases productivity for our New Holland customers.
• IntelliTurn facilitates an Automatic End-of-Row-Turn feature for vehicles equipped with an IntelliSteer system.
• IntelliTurn improves machine efficiency by automatically plotting & executing the most efficient turn path to minimize “out of work” time during the turn, as well as ensure the implement re-enters the infield work area in-line with the desired path, without the need for driver intervention.
• A new configuration option is available on T6 & T7 tractors that triggers the start of the HTS II (Headland Turn Sequence) function based on the distance from the headland or field boundary when used in conjunction with the IntelliTurn function.

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Available as an Unlock:

• IntelliTurn is available as an unlock for the IntelliView IV displays on IntelliSteer Complete Tractors T6, T7, T8, and T9.
• IntelliTurn has been expanded to Guardian Sprayers and is available as an IntelliView IV display unlock on all SP Sprayers with exception to the 500 series, 3500 series, SP 370F, 410F, 380F, and 420F models.

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