Your battery needs to fulfil all your machine’s energy requirements, from starting the engine to powering accessories and complementing the alternator.
Your choice of battery will therefore have a major impact on your performance, safety and running costs.

Genuine New Holland batteries are designed to provide more power and reliability, and less maintenance and wear.

Why choose New Holland batteries

Longer lifespan:
• Enhanced vibration resistance and a perfect fit for your machine to reduce wear
• High performing envelop separator that increases battery life

Efficient performance:
• Endurance to cycling 2x greater, innovative SHD technologies for increased endurance (cycling capacity)

More peace of mind:
• Special labyrinth plugs to avoid acid leakage
• No spillage at up to 45 degree inclination
• Up to 2 year warranty

• Before changing your battery, make sure you check your starter and alternator first
• Never charge just one battery in a pair, as it will be overcharged by the alternator
• New Holland batteries are designed to be serviced only once every five years


For more information about New Holland batteries, contact your local dealer today.

New Holland Batteries - Ask David

Don't let your safety in anyone else's hands! Only trust Genuine New Holland parts!

David, your New Holland Expert, will explain to you today everything he knows about Batteries.

Equipping your vehicles with original quality.
Enhance your performance this winter with New Holland parts that are designed to last. All parts are tested to the highest quality and safety standards. Ensure instant power with highly efficient batteries and keep your engine in optimum condition with adapted fuel filters.

Maximum performance under any circumstances
New Holland batteries have been built to adapt to your activities whether you use your machines regularly or not.
They can withstand even the most extreme conditions.
So, why take risks when replacing your battery?
• Maximum power from start-up: even after periods of idleness and in cold temperatures
• Longer lifespan: reinforced connections for greater vibration resistance.
• No water lost: through the use of specially designed calcium grids and labyrinth lid technology on the sealed range.
• Protect your vehicle from acid leaks: No spillage at up to 45 degree inclination

Key battery benefits for you:
- Central degassing with flame arrestor
- Reinforced connections & Resin plate locking
- High-performing envelope separator
- Lead Calcium Grid technology
- High efficiency positive plates (high cyclability)
- Charge acceptance improved negative plates
- Labyrinth lid technology; No electrolyte loss, fit and forget product

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