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New Holland Agriculture launches its new communications project for Expo Milano 2015

• A worldwide advertising campaign with the farmer at its core
• ‘The Seeds of Life’: a compelling story

The New Holland global advertising campaign targets the Expo Milano 2015 broad audience. At the heart of the project there is the farmer: a modern hero engaged in the hard task of meeting the growing demand for food in the world while protecting the environment.

A dedicated website that will host the web series ‘The Seeds of Life’, focused on the lives of eight farmers, men and women from all over the planet who, with the help of New Holland, devote themselves to feeding the planet.

A worldwide campaign with the farmer at its core

The creative concept of the global campaign has been developed by an international team of agencies that comprises the Torino based Ideal Comunicazione and the New York based PI&C. They were chosen by New Holland Agriculture through a competition that involved many communication agencies.

The goal of this campaign is to reach the 20 million people who are expected to visit the Expo over the six-month period and to present the vision of New Holland that will be the only agricultural machinery manufacturer with its own pavilion at Expo 2015.

“The theme of the exhibition ‘Feeding the planet. Energy for life’ is perfect aligned with our Brand philosophy,” said Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland Agriculture. “Expo 2015 is the ideal context where the brand’s vision can reach a wider audience, and the breadth of the project clearly shows New Holland Agriculture’s commitment to give farmers the visibility they deserve and let the world see they are indeed the Heroes who feed the planet”.

This project goes beyond the traditional communication principles of New Holland. It doesn’t just focus on the product with a message directed to farmers and contractors. It also aims to send a wider message to individuals working in the non-specialized public and private sector.
The campaign is focused on the farmers: true modern heroes engaged every day in the difficult task of meeting the growing demands for food on the planet while also preserving the environment. Compared to them, the machines are supporting players, designed to facilitate this mission.

The content is already available in Bologna in conjunction with EIMA 2014 that will be held from the 12th to the 16th of November. Three new ads will be placed on the sides of buses, on scrollers in the railways station, and billboards around the city.

‘The Seeds of Life’: a compelling story.

To support the advertising campaign, a dedicated website at is online from the 27th October. It is devoted to New Holland’s presence at the Expo. On the website, visitors will find the trailer of 'The Seeds of Life', a web series shot in the most beautiful scenery of the world, on a journey that goes from the vast fields of Brazil to the most exclusive vineyards in Europe. A vast tale, focused on the lives of eight different farmers, men and women from all over the world who, with the help of New Holland Agriculture, have devoted themselves to feeding the planet. Short movies will document the different approaches to the challenges that every farmer has to endure daily to successfully grow healthy crops, showing the passion and expertise required to meet these challenges. On the site it will also be possible to subscribe to a newsletter to follow New Holland’s journey towards Expo in real time, to stay up to date.

The release of all this content will be supported by a strategic and continuous use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr and Pinterest).
Stay Tuned!

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