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New Holland Agriculture Completes TC Range with New Four Strawwalker Model

• Premium comfort and advanced featuresfor top performer in value combine segment
• New numbering for entire TC Range

New Holland completed its TC combine range designed to deliver a dependable performance in varied crops and conditions, adding the new TC4.90 four strawwalker model which, just like the 5 strawwalker models launched in 2013, significantly increases output without compromising straw and sample quality.

“The entire TC range shares many advanced features with our mid-range combines. It is the answer for owners of TC5000 combines looking for a replacement with more technology and low maintenance costs without breaking the bank,” stated Hedley Cooper, Head of Combine Harvester Product Management.

Premium comfort and advanced features for top performer in value combine segment

The advanced features and premium comfort of all four models will confirm the TC range as the market leader in its segment, providing mid-sized arable farmers, large-scale livestock operations, cooperatives and contractors the ideal solution for their business.

The Harvest Suite™ Comfort suspended cab offers the best in quiet operation with just 74 dB and comfort with remarkably low vibrations, suspended seat, CommandGrip™ multi-function lever and ergonomic layout. In addition to the comfortable work environment, the spacious cab provides excellent all round visibility.

The InfoView™ II monitor makes it easy for the operator to keep track of the main harvesting data with software designed to be as user friendly as possible.

The double cascade cleaning shoe increases cleaning capacity and quality. It features a 450mm sloping pre-sieve and the adjustable fan forces air through the grain to remove chaff and short straw ahead of the top and bottom sieves.

The optional SmartSieve™ system with OptiFan™ guarantees a clean grain sample on slopes of up to 25%.

The optional moisture sensing system provides real-time readings to the in-cab monitor so the operator can fine tune the settings in changing crop conditions. In addition, for Precision Farming applications, yield mapping and the renowned auto guidance EZ-Pilot with RTX correction for the TC range are available from New Holland dealers.

New numbering for entire TC range

For Season 2015 the TC range introduces the new naming system: it begins with the number of strawwalkers followed by a point and a two-figure number that indicates the sequence, with the biggest model in the range being 90. This intuitive naming system makes it easy to identify at a glance the number of strawwalkers and size of the model. For example, the new model introduced this year is the TC4.90: the biggest model with four strawwalkers.

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