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New Holland rolled out a rich training session in Kenya for MEA area

​​New Holland Agriculture has recently rolled out an important Middle East and Africa training session (in Nairobi, Kenya) to help salesmen demonstrate and sell agricultural equipment effectively. It provided self-paced learning, performance support, and is a point-of-sales tool that assists salesmen when demonstrating product features.​​

Central to this training were new products that will soon be launched soon in the area, but also current products, that are able to satisfy a wide range of business challenges, as well as to improve productivity and efficiency for customers. New Holland showcased its latest range of tractors from the high hp TS6, T6000, T7000, T8 and T9 tractors to the small and medium tractors like TT Compact, TT, TD Straddle, TT4 and TD5.

The EMEA New Holland Ag. Commercial Training Team, supported by CMC distributor facilities, presented a 5 days seminar and workshop, involving more than 100 sales people from all over the Middle East and Africa New Holland Agriculture distributor network.
"This training camp is more important than it’s ever been, with a huge participation and display of machines," explained Federico Bellotto, New Holland Ag Business Director for Africa and Middle East. "It has provided an opportunity for our distributors to learn, test, share insights and ultimately facilitate broad performance improvements via case-study-based instructional practices. We believe this is a first-of-its-kind training program in this area."

With its focus firmly set on the business and features aspects, and on customers’ needs, the training camp included critical knowledge and practical skills for driving tractors. Each day was divided into a morning seminar focused on case studies, and an afternoon workshop where concepts were put into practice. Tractors worked in the field with implements and in different applications, in order to demonstrate specific features. The new TT4 tractor raised a lot of interest as salesman got the chance to see it in action, proving its reliability, simplicity, and low cost of ownership in a new design.

This training camp represents the opportunity for New Holland Ag to build a strong and professional network. At the end of the camp the knowledge gained was tested and certified. Also part of this new initiative, the company intends to connect more with customers, delivering quality service based on the consultancy's many years of experience and hands-on expertise of its distributor network.​

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