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New Holland first in the world to launch crop nutrient analysis on combines with the EVO NIR system

• EVO NIR: a multi-application technology
• EVO NIR: outstanding accuracy, easy data collection and calibration
• EVO NIR: first class support from Dinamica Generale global network
• EVO NIR increases the harvesting supremacy of the CR Revelation combine

New Holland Agriculture brings real-time crop analysis on combine harvesters and large square balers with the addition of the EVO NIR advanced sensor to its PLM portfolio of products. This feature further strengthens the technology leadership of the CR Revelation, the world’s highest capacity combine, and of the BigBaler.

Lars Skjoldager Sørensen, New Holland Agriculture's Head of Harvesting Product Line, said: “EVO NIR guarantees maximum crop analysis precision thanks to a high sampling rate and a wide range of calibration curves. This results in an unprecedented field mapping accuracy. Full knowledge of crop content is key for the best market positioning of the product and the fine-tuning of farming parameters, and eventually increases the productivity and the profitability of the business. EVO NIR is one more example of how New Holland can help growers in the pursuit of efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability in agriculture”.

EVO NIR: a multi-application technology
EVO NIR is a flexible technology that New Holland has already launched on the FR Forage Cruiser. The same hardware is being introduced on combines with the CR Revelation MY 2018 and on the BigBaler, and will be extended to further agricultural equipment lines in the future.

EVO NIR technology is based on Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, and has been developed together with Dinamica Generale (DG), New Holland Agriculture’s specialist partner in weighing systems, electronic solutions and NIR applications. It allows extremely precise measurement of moisture and the anaysis of parameters such as dry matter, crude protein, crude fat, starch, Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF) and Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF).

EVO NIR: outstanding accuracy, easy data collection and calibration
A wide range of calibration curves provides combine customers with extremely accurate information on the content of their crop. The analysis is developed through an NIR scanner installed directly on the machine. GPS management allows the storage of coordinates of the field poistion in real time, then GPS data is downloaded to the Field Trace software.

The data collected by the EVO NIR system can be transferred to the farm’s PC with a USB device or transmitted via wi-fi. Yearly calibrations can be undertaken remotely utilising an internet connection.

EVO NIR: first class support from Dinamica Generale’s global network
The EVO NIR system is supplied together with a full service package for the best follow-up support.
Customers will benefit from the professional advice and aftersales support provided by Dinamica Generale’s (DG) widespread network of service partners in more than 60 Countries around the world.

DG has been developing and producing electronic solutions and sensors for 25 years, and is today one of the largest producers of NIR analysers and weighing systems for agriculture in the world. The Company is recognised for its high quality products, innovation and expertise. DG is headquartered in Italy with offices in China, India, Ukraine and the USA.

EVO NIR increases the harvesting supremacy of the CR Revelation combine
The CR Revelation combine, harvesting world record holder, is the most powerful combine in the high-capacity market. The new CR Revelation offers best-in-class 700hp maximum power, improved capacity and serviceability, better control of crop flow and up to 45 feet residue spreading widths due to the redesigned, more efficient residue management system. Key features include Twin Pitch Plus rotors, a fine chopper residue sample and maximum visibility during harvesting operation.

The EVO NIR device makes the CR Revelation the first combine ever to provide full crop nutrient analysis on the go. By proving the quality and nutritional value of the harvested crops, growers can capture a premium price. By mapping nutrional value, fertiliser rate can be adjusted, so maximising yields and lowering operating costs.

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