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New Holland introduces T9 Auto Command™: the industry exclusive 4WD CVT range with the largest horsepower offering on the market

• Maximum efficiency with intuitive and easy-to-use Auto Command™ transmission
• Seamless productivity and versatility in all situations

New Holland launches its innovative Auto Command™ Continuously Variable Transmission on its flagship T9 Series tractors. The five-model line-up develops maximum outputs ranging from 429 horsepower to the 605 hp with the range-topping T9.600 AC, making it the most powerful CVT tractor in the world today. This easy-to-operate tractor takes productivity, efficiency and versatility to an entirely new level.

Sean Lennon, Head of the Tractors product line explains: “The T9 Auto Command™ is ideal for customers looking for efficiency, versatility and performance from their flagship tractor. The ability to utilise full power at speeds as low as 500 meters per hour or with PTO applications, delivers possibilities that were previously not conceivable in this power class. Additionally the ability to add or remove up to 5.5t additional ballast and manoeuvre within a 10.7m turning circle whilst remaining under 3m wide on the road, even when fitted with 900/60 R42 tires, means the T9 Auto Command is the most versatile high hp tractor available today. A wide array of tasks such as slurry injection, bed tilling, grading, chaser bin operation, wood chipping, heavy cultivation, drilling and loading silage clamps can all now be performed with one machine. Intuitive and easy to operate, this multiple use tractor brings high quality and reliability to large scale, professional farming operations, increasing versatility, utilisation and reducing ownership costs.”

Maximum efficiency with intuitive and easy-to-use Auto Command™ transmission
The Auto Command™ transmission provides seamless speed changes with the most intuitive operating logic in the market, a logic that is already proven on other New Holland tractor ranges. The ease of use and commonality is an obvious advantage for farming operations that regularly use seasonal labour and where there are multiple ranges of tractors. The award-winning SideWinder™ II armrest with fully integrated IntelliView™ IV ultra wide colour touchscreen and CommandGrip™ multifunction handle offer supremely comfortable and easy operation. The CommandGrip™ handle, which puts the most frequently used functions at the operator’s fingertips, also uses force-based logic to control the tractor’s speed and acceleration. With the Auto Command™ transmission, this delivers the infinite range of speeds to perfectly match the application.

Four points of optimised efficiency where the transmission drives through a full mechanical connection have been engineered to perfectly match the most frequently used speeds during draft work, secondary cultivation activities, high-speed in-field work and transport activities. The T9 Auto Command never operates with less than 60% full mechanical drive, making it extremely power efficient compared to other designs of CVT. Advanced double clutch control further enhances efficiency.

Automated efficiency features allow the operator to simply dial in the desired working speed and the T9 will then take care of the rest, optimizing it’s engine speed to reduce fuel consumption automatically. A PTO mode ensures that shaft speed is maintained through varying load conditions while the Cruise mode will take the T9 up to the target speed at the push of a button, perfect for haulage work.

The fully integrated IntelliSteer™ autoguidance maximizes productivity and efficiency, enabling parallel pass-to-pass accuracy as precise as 1 to 2 cm, while PLM Connect telematics allows close monitoring of the tractor’s performance from the convenience of the farm office.

Seamless productivity and versatility in all situations
The Auto Command™ transmission automatically adjusts engine power and ground speed for maximum productivity to match the requirements of the application, be it in heavy, light or variable draft work. In transport, the fast acceleration and 40 km/h road speed with all tires at a quiet and efficient 1650 engine rpm give it the advantage on other transmissions.

The excellent slow speed operation and precise speed control with the stepless ranges result in best-in-class productivity when compared to the speed steps of powershift transmission.

The intuitive automatic control of engine power and ground speed, the seamless speed adjustment, and the clutchless braking dramatically reduce operator fatigue, improving daily productivity. Together with the ample cab and ergonomic layout, this results in best-in-class operator comfort.

Auto Command™ also offers the advanced Active StopStart safety feature that prevents the tractor moving backwards or forwards when it is brought to a standstill on a gradient, even with a heavy load.

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