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New Holland launches new front suspended axle on Specialty Tractors range T4 V/N/F

​• Terraglide front axle suspension raises the bar on performance and comfort
• Enhanced traction and productivity with Trelleborg PneuTrac tyres

The New Holland T4 V/N/F series received the coveted title of Tractor of the Year 2020 in the Best of Specialized category at a ceremony held during the Agritechnica show. It was selected by the jury panel comprised of journalists specializing in agricultural mechanization and representing leading European agricultural publications from 24 countries. The criteria for selection includes the engine, transmission, comfort, agility and design.

New Holland Agriculture is further upgrading its industry-leading specialty tractor offering with the new T4 V/N/F series featuring its renowned Terraglide front axle suspension to deliver a remarkably smooth ride. The Terraglide  front axle suspension can be specified with Trelleborg PneuTrac tyres to deliver greater traction when working on hillsides, as well as improved fuel economy. Carlo Lambro, Brand President New Holland Agriculture, added: “Once again New Holland’s long-standing heritage of excellence and leadership in the specialty tractor segment is recognized with the The Best Specialized title. This award is a well-deserved recognition of the dedication and commitment of all those involved in the development of the new T4 V/N/F series - from our engineering teams to the whole Jesi plant team – for their constant pursuit of innovations to help our customers increase their productivity and efficiency.”
Sean Lennon, Head of Tractor Product Management, stated: “New Holland serves the specialty tractor segment with an extensive product offering that leads the market with exclusive features and delivers a high degree of specialization. In every specialty, we are always looking for ways to continuously raise the performance and meet the very specific requirements of these customers. Today, with the introduction of the Terraglide front axle suspension and the new Trelleborg PneuTrac tyres, we are complementing the agility, efficiency and versatility that are the hallmark of the T4 V/N/F series with even greater comfort and superior traction that will make work on hillside orchards and vineyards even more efficient, safe and comfortable.”

Terraglide front axle suspension raises the bar on performance and comfort
The Terraglide front axle suspension protects the tractor, implement and operator from heavy shock loads during transport and in the field. The height of the axle’s pivot centre (above the centre of the tractor’s front) ensures high rolling comfort and a high level of oscillation, so that when working on a slope, the tyre never comes into contact with the tractor. The automatic ride height control ensures that the suspension stroke is always available, even under heavy load.
With Terraglide, the operator is able to control the suspension height to adjust ground clearance according to the conditions and the height of the front implement. This feature also makes it easier to install the front implement, leaving more time for field work. Four riding modes – Locked, Soft, Medium and Hard – enable the operator to select the setting that best matches their preference and the requirements of the job at hand.
The T4N Terraglide delivers best-in-class stability, especially with heavy front implements, with the Anti-dive/squat feature, which prevents pitching during braking and acceleration. The axle roll control further adds to the tractor’s stability, preventing excessive oscillation and the risk of rolling over when working side slope. The operator not only enjoys the comfort of reduced tractor roll, but also greater safety from its stability.

Enhanced traction and productivity with Trelleborg PneuTrac tyres
The comfort and stability of the T4 N/F/LP Terraglide can be further enhanced with the Trelleborg PneuTrac tyres. These tyres deliver a 12 to 24% increase in traction as well as greater stability on steep slopes. In addition, the PneuTrac tyres provide more flotation, reducing soil resistance on the tyre and consequently improving the tractor’s fuel economy even further.
“The T4 N/F/LP Terraglide is a perfect fit with New Holland’s position as the leader in the specialty tractor segment,” stated Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President. “We have a long history of being at the forefront of this sector, with an extensive offering capable of meeting the very specialized needs of a wide variety of applications, from narrow and wide vineyards to roof cultivations, from hill farming on steep slopes to our market-leading grape and olive harvesters.”

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