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New Holland unveils the world’s first production T6 Methane Power Tractor at Agritechnica 2019

​• The T6 Methane Power: the same performance as Diesel with up to 30% lower running costs
• T6 Methane Power with Biomethane: towards zero-carbon farming
• T6 Methane Power economic and environmental advantages demonstrated on the stand

New Holland Agriculture is unveiling the world’s first production T6 Methane Power Tractor at the Agritechnica exhibition. It was crowned Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2020 – the new award introduced at this year’s edition of the Tractor of the Year®. The jury panel of leading farm equipment journalists from across Europe singled out the T6 Methane Power from shortlisted tractors in three main categories and a restricted selection of prototypes in an advanced testing phase.

Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President, commented: “We are very proud of receiving the first ever Sustainable Tractor of the Year Award for the T6 Methane Power. This is the culmination of New Holland’s pioneering work on the use of alternative fuels through our Clean Energy Leader strategy, and it is a significant step forward on the path to decarbonizing agriculture.”

The T6 Methane Power is on display in an area of the stand dedicated to New Holland’s Energy Independent FarmSM solutions to highlight the many advantages of the tractor and how it can benefit a farmer’s operation and profitability.

Sean Lennon, Head of Tractor Product Management, stated: “The T6 Methane Power tractor we are unveiling here at Agritechnica is our first production unit, and this technology will be available to our customers in 2020, when the first commercial units will be sold. With the economic and practical advantages, it brings, further enhanced when using biomethane, we expect a lot of interest from biogas plant operators and suppliers, and also farmers with access to the gas network. Municipalities are also showing a lot of interest in adding this tractor to their fleets of Compressed Natural Gas vehicles to further reduce their emissions footprint.”

The T6 Methane Power Tractor: the same performance as Diesel with up to 30% lower running costs
The T6 Methane Power delivers the performance of its Diesel equivalent – the same power at 180 hp, torque at 740 Nm, and durability – with the added advantage of up to 30% lower running costs.

This outstanding performance comes in an exceptionally eco-friendly package: in real field conditions, the T6 Methane Power tractor produces 99% less particulate matter than an equivalent Diesel, and reduces CO2 emissions by minimum 10% and overall emissions by 80%.

The T6 Methane Power features an all-new NEF 6.7 litre engine specifically developed for agricultural applications by FPT Industrial, the powertrain brand of CNH Industrial, and benefits from its extensive experience in natural gas powertrain technology developed over more than 20 years. In addition, the over 50,000 natural gas engines it has produced are testament to the reliability of this technology and this fuel.

On the T6 Methane Power, the gas tanks are stored in the same position as the Diesel tanks on the standard T6 model. This maintains the excellent visibility from the cab and results in no restrictions in access. Fuel storage under the cab has been optimised, ensuring current production tyre size offering and track width settings. Additional options such as mid-mount valves are also still available. For those seeking to extend the working hours, a ‘Range Extender’ is available as an option. It can be mounted on the front linkage or weight carrier, or on the rear linkage for loader work. The tractor is also fitted with gas connection points at the front and rear, enabling additional fuel storage that could be mounted on trailers and implements.

T6 Methane Power with Biomethane: towards zero-carbon farming
The T6 Methane Power tractor is a key element in New Holland’s Energy Independent Farm Concept, closing the loop of a true circular economy, from fields to energy generation and back to fields – a complete CO2-neutral cycle.

Farmers can grow energy crops and use agricultural waste to generate Biomethane, and power their T6 Methane Power tractor with this sustainable fuel, achieving near-zero CO2 emissions. Livestock and dairy farmers can take this virtuous cycle even further by producing Biomethane from manure, which subtracts CO2 from the environment, resulting in a carbon-negative footprint.

Farmers can also use the by-products of biodigestion as natural fertilisers on their fields, closing the circular economy loop.

T6 Methane Power Tractor economic and environmental advantages demonstrated on the stand
Visitors to the stand can simulate the running cost savings, specific to their operation, that can be achieved with the T6 Methane Power Tractor. The running costs calculation takes into consideration fuel and service, including oil and fluids. With this feature, visitors can also work out how much they can reduce their CO2 emissions with either natural gas or Biomethane.

New Holland, in collaboration with Prodeval, a company specialized in biogas treatment and biogas recovery solutions, is also demonstrating how to fuel the T6 Methane Power tractor. The display includes a compressor – a key element in the fuelling cycle. An expert from Prodeval will be on the stand throughout the show to deliver a presentation of the company’s infrastructures to transform biogas in biomethane or to use natural gas from the grid, and to answer any questions about these solutions.

The T6 Methane Power area of the stand also features a screen with a video explaining the Energy Independent Farm℠ system, putting the T6 Methane Power Tractor into context. The display includes an FR920 forage harvester with maize header, a W170D wheel loader, TH7.42 Elite telehandler, an IVECO Daily Natural Power and an FPT Industrial natural gas engine to showcase the complete offering available to an Energy Independent Farm from New Holland and other CNH Industrial brands.

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