The right model for specific demands

From the outset, New Holland developed the T4LP tractor to meet two diverse end user demands. The first are operators looking for a low height tractor for use in applications to include fruit production and viticulture in steep terrain. The second are operators working in mountainous areas where a low centre of gravity, good rear lift capacity and wide track stability are paramount. Offering good power to weight ratios, a low centre of gravity and a specification choice to suit specific demands, T4LP tractors make a versatile small tractor choice. With New Holland, versatility comes as standard.

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A bigger footprint for stability and traction

New Holland offers tyres to suit a broad range of applications. This includes a choice of a large, high volume 420/70R30 rear tyres to suit heavy mounted equipment and to meet the demands of working in the steepest of terrain.

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New Holland builds upon proud LP heritage

Between 1985 and 2001, FIAT produced its 66LP and 86LP tractor models. Offering a reduced overall height and wide axles for stability in steep terrain, these Low Profile LP models soon became the default small tractor choice for use in more extreme terrain. New Holland T4LP tractors take their design DNA from these proven FIAT models, but with modern advances in performance, comfort, safety and economy. By offering end users a choice of ROPS platform or full cab, New Holland re-establishes its position as the default 75 to 105hp tractor choice for tractors used in demanding terrain.

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Compact but stable

The wider heavy duty front axle with a capacity of 2500kg, and the heavy duty rear axle with a capacity of 3700kg, are matched to purpose developed wheel rims, enable a T4LP tractor to offer 24 inch, 28 inch or 30 inch track width settings to give an overall track width that can be adjusted from a minimum of just 1,588mm to an ultra-stable 2,432mm. The rear fenders have flexible extensions to accommodate the wider track widths.

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