IntelliSteer™ Automatic Steering System

Series T6000 Range Command and Power Command can be specified with a fully integrated New Holland designed and developed IntelliSteer™ Automatic Steering System. Using DGPS or RTK Technology and fully integrated control systems the IntelliSteer™ system helps ensure parallel pass to pass accuracy of up to 1 – 2cm*. The IntelliSteer™ system is ideal for seeding and planting in the most demanding situations and dramatically improves operator performance and comfort. An additional benefit of using RTK correction with the IntelliSteer™ system is the guaranteed year to year repeatability, which is becoming more important with today’s modern farming techniques. All this and more at the touch of a button.
* Using RTK correction signal.

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IntelliView - visible intelligence

The IntelliView™ Plus II and IntelliView™ III Monitors can be used to set up the optional New Holland auto guidance systems, and includes a visual interface that can be employed when operating the IntelliSteer™ system. Both monitors have a touchscreen display which allows the programming and personalisation of settings to be easily performed.

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NH 262 Receiver

The NH 262 receiver is capable of working with EGNOS, OmniSTAR or RTK correction. For RTK applications a slim profile radio mounts underneath the receiver.

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RTK Base Station

An RTK base station can be used to broadcasts a correction signal to achieve a pass to pass accuracy of 1-2cm.

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Navigation Controller II

The Navigation Controller II is the main control system which continually corrects for roll, pitch, and yaw by using state of the art 6-axis solid state inertial sensors to give you a true on-ground position.

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Integrated control systems

The New Holland IntelliSteer™ System uses built in steering angle sensors to keep the Navigation Controller II informed of wheel direction. Also integrated into the hydraulic system is a control valve which converts the signals from the Navigation Controller II into hydraulic movements of the steering system.

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