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Measured at 610mm from the ball ends, the Cat III rear linkage has a continuous lift capacity of 6616kg. Rated at a massive 8257kg, the rear linkage and hydraulics are designed to work with heavy mounted equipment over extended periods. The system also incorporates integral dynamic ride control shock load protection. This will reduce bounce when travelling with a heavy linkage load at transport speeds.

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Engaging and disengaging the PTO at the right time as the rear linkage is lowered can be critical; get the timing wrong, and the PTO shaft may be damaged. Auto PTO can be set to automatically engage and disengage drive to the PTO. Once set, it will use the position of the rear linkage to manage the PTO drive. Engagement is fully modulated to protect both tractor and implement. On SideWinder II tractors PTO settings for your implements are easily stored on the IntelliView III touch screen.

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Headland Turn Sequencing

Automated features are only of use when the operator feels comfortable setting them up and using them. New Holland Headland Turn Sequencing has been refined and developed over several years to match ease of operation with in-field efficiency. The system allows the operator to record and store the sequence of operations at the headland. These are then ‘played back’ automatically when HTS is activated. Simple and a great way to reduce fatigue over extended working periods.

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Closed Centre Load Sensing hydraulics

Hydraulic efficiency makes an important contribution to the overall performance of the tractor. With T6000 Range Command and Power Command tractors, the main hydraulic piston pump delivers up to 113 litres per minute, a separate 65 litre per minute pump takes care of the steering and engagement of the differentials. Full hydraulic power is always available at the remote valves and lift linkage, but only as much as is needed. The CCLS pump only works on demand as you require, reducing fuel consumption.

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Remote valves to suit your needs

Four rear remote valves are available, with a choice of full electronic control or with mechanical operation with individual flow control. In addition, up to three remotes can be fitted in the middle of the tractor to operate a front linkage or loader. The mid-mount remotes are operated via an integral joystick control in the cab.

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The electronic remote valves fitted on SideWinder™ II tractors each have individual flow control. Hydraulic flow and timing to each valve can be individually adjusted using simple ‘pop-up’ menus on the IntelliView™ III touch-screen. Four rear valves are standard with up to three optional mid mount valves.

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