Roll-Belt. Change your baling style.

New Holland has led the Roll-Belt baler segment for over 25 years, and has introduced a string of pioneering firsts that have revolutionised the way variable chamber balers operate today. Over 275,000 Roll-Belt balers are working around the globe in the expert hands of farmers and contractors to bring the harvest home. The latest generation is set to redefine round baling with advanced Roll-Belt technology that can improve capacity by up to 20% and density by up to 5%. What’s more, operators can select between a 150cm or 180cm maximum bale size to suit their individual needs. The Roll-Belt baler will also captivate the eye with its distinctive sweeping lines, which add a touch of class to every baling operation.

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Outstanding capacity

Think variable chamber productivity. Think New Holland Roll-Belt baler. Capacity has been increased by up to 20% thanks to the redesigned pick-up. Just imagine clearing every field 20% faster, or doing 20% more work every day! This higher throughput means more crop is baled at optimum conditions. The feed assist roller makes all of this possible, funnelling crop into the rotor even more efficiently. Seconds have been shaved off already impressive wrap times to get you back to baling even more quickly.

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Bale quality

The Roll-Belt guarantees top drawer bale quality. Always. An all-new moisture sensing system, which uses two discs on either side of the bale chamber to calculate average moisture, enables operators to respond, in real time, to changing baling conditions. Bale shape sensors on either side of the chamber provide instant feedback to the operator so that they can adjust their driving pattern to make perfect shaped bales. Operators can select how dense a core they require. In-cab density adjustment allows the operator to customize the core and outer density of the bales to suit their preference. Softer cores are perfect for easy feeding and when the bale needs to ‘breathe’ whereas a firmer core makes for excellent storage and handling properties. Furthermore, uniform wrapping completes the package.

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Ease of ownership

The Roll-Belt baler belongs in the field, and efficient servicing and maintenance means your baler will spend more time in the field, earning its keep, as opposed to being kept. The one piece side and front shields mean operators have unfettered access to all service points and moving parts to keep the baler in tip-top condition. All service points can be reached from the ground and additional net storage enhances baler autonomy.

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Absolute baling pleasure

Operators will relish long baling days as the Roll-Belt baler has been designed with them in mind. IntelliBale™ technology enables the baler to control the tractor’s forward motion: bringing it to a halt when it is ready to wrap the bale, raises and closes the tailgate when the bale has been ejected and then gives a signal to continue baling. Drop floor technology, which can be operated from the cab, together with density control functions, both increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue.

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